I need advice for my channel


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I have only been doing Youtube videos for a little over a month and I've seen some people I've met on Youtube grow quite well. I just don't seem to have the knack. Any advice on my latest video would be appreciated. It does have language but, I was a former Marine and that's second nature when you don't think about it.
Thank everyone for their time to help out.
Been watching your video for 20 seconds and you said "f*****g" 4 times already... That is enough for people to stop watching immediately. Just mind the cursing, it's been a problem for me as well and that's definitely something to work on :)

Also, what was that intro about? I really don't get it, perhaps you could actually share some info with the viewers on that in your videos to give it more of a purpose.
Yeah, I realized if I don't have a plan with what I'm going to say I'll curse alot. I usual never have a purpose to my intros I just like random things like that.