video reaction

  1. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking for feedback on my video if possible.

    Video took me a lot of time. So was hoping to see some feedback on it! Took me like 3 weeks to get this video done
  2. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  3. F[VI]E GUYS

    Feedback on a New Video

    It has taken me a while to get some courage to post something but I feel like I finally had a video that was pretty decent and I want some feedback on several things. 1) Is it funny? (This is always a super awkward question) But what about it do you enjoy and what do you despise? 2) Do the...
  4. Jawad Soomro


    Browsing through YOUTUBE homepage, I came to know BRITNEY SPEAR new music video "MAKE ME". So I decided to react on this video. I did some review about her video. No Offense at all.