ps4 collab

  1. R

    Gaming PS4 Collabs only 60+

    Hello users of YT Talk. I am looking for people to collab with on ps4. You have to be fun and overall just a chill person. These are the games I have Black Ops 3 Gta V Need for Speed Rocket League Minecraft BattleField 4 NBA 2k16 I do plan on getting more games in the future. Please hit me...
  2. Gamestons

    Gaming NEW FIFA 16 SERIES (PS4 ONLY)

    Hello everyone :D I am doing a new series on fifa 16 (PS4 ONLY) which is called fifa vs you... I am giving you the opportunity to play against me on fifa :) if you would like to play and record tell me on twitter @gamestons1 and thank you
  3. C

    Gaming PS4/PC Gamers must have 100 subs or more

    So first you can either have a pc and if you do you have that then you have to find a good communication so we can talk I recommend skype or even gmail but it must be free and easy to get to by pc. Second you can have ps4 then we can play games and have a good time on there but you have to have...
  4. J


    Hey, whats up. I'm just here to find people to collab with. I'm 16 and I live in the western side of the U.S.. If you want to collab with me. You have to be at least 15+ and have Skype (just like all the other posts). I don't really care about your sub count, if your a bit entertaining we'll try...
  5. Alexan-theawsome

    Gaming PS4 & Pc Collab

    Im looking someone to collab with on PS4 and/or Pc and im accepting to play and/or record on the weekends PS4 Games: Rocket League, CoD Black Ops 3, GTA 5, War Thunder Pc Games: Borderlands 2, CSGO, Gmod, War Thunder, Minecraft Skype: yes i do have skype and need to know what it look like on...
  6. AJ Jones

    Gaming Collab with my new channel on PS4!

    Hey guys! My name is AJ, but my YouTube channel name is Jonesie. I made my account today, and I would really like to have my first video be a collaboration with someone. No, this is not my first YouTube channel, but I deleted my old channel, so I'm back at square one. If you would like to collab...
  7. FPSJustice

    Gaming Minecraft or COD friends and collabs

    Hey guys and gals, I've been looking for some collaborations for awhile now and I'm not having much luck. I play more Minecraft on my pc and Black Ops 3 on my ps4 than anything. I'd like to have a few people to collaborate with on either of the two games, but I want more than just a...
  8. T

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Channel Collaboration

    Hey guys, my name is Mark, I run a gaming channel called the Savage Gamer, and I would like to do a collaboration with anyone interested who currently runs a gaming channel on YouTube. The collaboration would be done through YouTube's live events system. We would simply be discussing a topic...
  9. Jayjay1k

    Gaming Looking for a PS4 collab! Info inside

    (IDEAL GAMES: Warframe + Sword art online lost song, maybe even gta5) Hey :) thanks for taking the time to check out this post! I'm a fairly new youtuber, just hit the 200 subscriber count (it's gone down to 199 right now :( meh.) i'd like to collab with someone around the same or more...
  10. W

    Gaming Collaborating & having fun PS4/PC

    Hey guys, so I've been doing YouTube for some time (coz i enjoy making videos) and i would like to collab with anyone who wants to. this way we can both have fun & help each other grow together! All I ask for you to be a decent age somewhere around 14+ or so (Im 16) A decent mic so the people...
  11. Jorpheus

    Gaming PS4 Collabs - New youtuber

    Hey, I'm a new youtuber (Jorpheus), I'm Irish and 18 years old. I only have 9 subscribers after a week of uploading but hope to increase that! Hoping to find some people to collab with on fifa, gta, minecraft and probably the division when it comes out! Get back to me? :coolshades:
  12. Jrgaming


    I am a small youtuber looking for people to make funny videos with. I play a lot of games including GTA 5 , FIFA 16 , COD BO3 and others if you would like. _________________________________________________________ Requirements; 13+ Have to have PS4...
  13. WillDP

    Gaming PS4/PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys I am 16 years old, and I have a small, growing youtube channel that is looking for some people to form a youtube group with. I prefer to play on PS4 but I also like to play some PC games. I usually can only play on the weekends and fridays but some days I might be able to get on during...
  14. Dread Chemical

    Star Wars Battlefront #4 - Vader Is A Badass

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Xjustified - Music - or...
  15. SwankGaming

    Gaming You Game On Pc or Ps4? Lets Collab!

    Hey guys i recently just hit 300 subs and it feels awesome! I'm looking to collab with people with similar size as me or someone who really enjoy playing video games and just having fun! You have to be atleast 18 y/o, have a headset, be energetic, and love video games! If there's something you...
  16. B

    Gaming gta v mainly PS4 collab IM AUSTRALIAN ANYONE IS WELCOME (mc PC MAYBE)

    i do mainly gta v video like funny things and so on if a enough of u want to do collab we could form a group as well i been play a bit of just cause 3 lately I play mc on pc as well but at the moment it a bit hard to record psn:Big_D101_ msg me if u want to collab and put down your skype...
  17. Hunter Johnson

    Gaming Looking For People to Collab With [Pc or PS4] Around Age 13

    Hi i'm TennyTheTennisBall and I would like a few people around the age of 13 to collab with. I love to play sports games on the ps4 and Open World Survivor games on the PC. If you would like to collab with me put your skype below PS4- Smkymtnjoe YouTube - TennyTheTennisBall Skype - Hrjtennis...
  18. B

    Gaming Ps4 Collaboration to create funny videos

    Welcome, my name is Jacob and I created videos on YouTube. I was wondering if anyone out there I the big world would like to collab on some videos. I currently have 1006 subs but since I took a break almost none of the are active. I stated uploading again mid November last year and I'm planning...
  19. TCS

    Gaming Looking to Collab on BO3 PS4 for my 50k channel!

    Hey guys, i am currently looking to collab with a few people on a new series which i have on my channel! PS4 Players ONLY, I am generally looking for people who like to have a laugh and love to joke around but can also listen when told something xD I would also prefer it if the person had a...