dark humor

  1. B

    Gaming CHINESE WHISPERS DRAWING EDITION | Gartic Phone + Cards with The Aamerkats

    Last night me and the Boys found a new game called Gartic Phone, basically chinese whispers but you draw each others quotes. It's just simply BEAUTIFUL to put it shortly. I hope you all enjoy our sick humour <3 CHINESE WHISPERS DRAWING EDITION | Gartic Phone + Cards
  2. Yzctro

    Gaming Want a PC YouTube group like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc.

    For a couple of years, I have been watching YouTubers like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc. After watching these guys, I have wanted a group that can f**k around and not give a f**k about what they say. I've wanted a group that doesn't have a filter. I've thought about this for a long time...
  3. ImVolce

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments Recording group like the Misfits! (Xbox / PC / PS4)

    Hi my name is Volce, me and my friends are looking for a recording group.. We are a dark sense of individuals like the Misfits (SwaggerSouls , Fitz , Zuckles . RaccoonEggs etc.) We record discord, CSGO, Rainbow (on pc), COD Modern Warfare (when its out) and.. many other games! The requirements...
  4. mRio

    Constructive Criticism. Honest Feedback

    Hope you guys are doing well. My name is Mario and I make comedy skits/vlog type videos with a humanoid robot character that I made. Nowadays, it seems really difficult to try to get views with skits. I am heard everything from make good thumbnails, niche, be different, etc etc. However, I feel...
  5. Taboo

    Gaming funny moments collab

    hey I'm taboo I'd like to collab with some quality youtubers. (not often uploading but quality) I do gaming and I play about everything but fortnite and cod and stuff (I'm pc). My content isn't bassed on the gaming but more on the improv and just shooting the s**t. My favorite humor is dark...
  6. Arachnophobik

    The Roast of Eugenia Cooney

    I was working on a different project when I stumbled upon a video involving her. The moment I did, a great quote came into my head from a book that I was also reading, "A Roastmaster Saves Lives". And I immediately knew I just had to do it ASAP.
  7. Arachnophobik

    Selling My Depressed Soul to the Devil

    Hey guys, just uploaded my new dark comedy video. Might come in offensive to some people, so I'll start off with no I'm not actually racist. But yes, I am a big walking ball of cancer.