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I'm looking for creators who can join an SMP I am starting.

The goal of this SMP is to bring together the most talented content creators in our weight class to create something the likes of which the internet has never seen. YouTubers, Streamers, VTubers, Animators, Roleplayers, and anyone you can think of! I want this server to be the most widespread and inclusive in the world, so please invite your friends! One day I’m hoping to even add creators who speak other languages!

Everything is still being set up, but it should be done by July 8th. The SMP has a plethora of fantastic features that I think you’ll love including proximity voice chat, pets, fantasy races and jobs, emotes, economy/currency, vehicles, and SO MUCH MORE! Please check out the mod pack page for more information:

If you are interested, you can join the discord server here:



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