1. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking to collab with anyone!

    Hey, looking to collab or make a group with some funny and awesome people, if you're interested reply here or just add me on discord:Orb#0001 We do: Funny Moments Let's Plays Montages Walkthroughs Podcasts and more!
  2. O

    Jimmy Eat World Cover collab

    Hello all, I'm finally back on YouTube and I am part of Dave Days musician life music course. Here is a cover collab I am in. Very excited for this opportunity.
  3. T

    Gaming Need Roblox YouTubers Above 500 Subs

    Hi guys.. I am thinking to collab with Roblox YouTubers above 500 subs... Good channels reply me
  4. A


    Hey, looking to collaborate with some people on Gta V and do some races together and make videos. I'm on ps4 and i am level 75 ish. i have 266 subs and i would like to post gta V racing videos but need other youtubers to do it with. Anyone want to collaborate? Requirements: Be on PS4 Around...
  5. Curiosity

    Voice Acting 170K channel looking for collab

    Channel with over 100 million lifetime views and over 170K subscribers is looking for collaborators with the following features: 1) Girls with an age between 18 and 25 and nice appearance 2) English-native (audience is mainly North American) 3) Proactiveness, seriousness and confidence attitude...