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  1. M

    Request I need one more person to join this collab

    ik this should be in the collab thread but I don't have access to it. I'm organizing a YouTube collaboration video. I have 2 people ready and need one more, I have 85 subs currently under the YouTube channel Meta Lore Online, if you are interested in joining this collab, send me a friend request...
  2. RealHift

    Gaming 17+ Collaborations (Small YouTubers)

    Hey, My name is Hift I've done YouTube before and hit 100+ subs and it got stale, but I wanna start making videos again. I'm 17 so I'm looking for people from the age range from 17 - 19, I've been editing for myself and bigger channels for a few years and just enjoy making content, It doesn't...
  3. KrenzyHD

    Commentary Looking for Collabs! - Small Commentary Channels

    I am looking for some small commentary channels who make good quality content who I can collab with. I have 224 subscribers at the time of this post but I'm not really too fussed about the sub count- as long as you are entertaining and produce content of a high standard. I make "reaction...
  4. Brittneytaylorwg

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty and style/fashion collaboration?!

    I am looking for small YouTubers (I have 17 subs as of right now) who would be interested in making a callab video where we do not actually meet up, like the older style collabs just more so within a style themed video. If someone is interested please let me know!!!
  5. iEpitome

    Going To Be Starting My Own Reading Your Comments Series!

    Hey! Thanks for reading my thread. My name is iEpitome and I am going to be starting my Own Reading Your Comment's series called "Epitome Squad Asks" Check out my channel and let me know if you have any questions you would like to ask! If you do consider, I would be grateful if you liked some...

    I feel like im the only one who does this..

    I feel like im the only one who doesnt really plan out videos?? I really dont know what the hell im filming until a few days before or the day that i film.I just get in front of the camera and talk. This has its cons of course one of them being a messy vid. I kinda want to try out scripting my...


    These days it's so difficult to "blow up" on YouTube. Back when I was just a viewer the platform was filled with so many unique videos that got pretty decent views. Nowadays you have to follow trends in order to get big and a lot of these trends are so dumb ): I don't want to talk about who I...
  8. George Hudson

    Other New Beginnings - HELP NEEDED!!

    Hi everyone, My name is George and for a while I have been really into poetry and how it brings people together.... Then I came up with this idea for a huge collab! All I need from you is a video in HD of yourself reading a poem. Obviously your channel link will be in the description and will...
  9. T


    In one week, I got 5 subs, and I also just reached my 150th view. I am really hopeful for next year!!!!
  10. T

    Gaming I want to collab with someone on PC. You need to be at least 15 (my age).

    Long story short, I need a sub boost bc I have no audience rn and need one. If you are interested, we can exchange skype/discord stuffs and (my rule) we have to look at each others channels, because I think we need to like each others channels before we can collab, or else it'd just be so...
  11. Adelle

    Commenting on Even Smaller YouTubers' Videos?

    I have seen a lot of people who just go to a video with a small youtuber on it, comment on it and hope that the person will respond friendly enough so they can get a new subscriber. Does this tactic really work?? I was thinking of trying this one day, but I really just CAN'T do that to someone...
  12. Cameron Arnold


    Okay here's my idea everyone including people who just started making videos on YouTube have it hard to tried to build a successful channel so they created #thesmallyoutuber tag so others can find their channel but what if every small Youtuber make a video about another small Youtuber and what...
  13. K

    Gaming Mcpe Collab

    YT - KTC - MINECRAFT & MORE For More Info
  14. DivideAndConquer

    I seemed to have stalled out

    My YouTube channel has been stuck at 236 subscribers now for a while and has been going down in views. I'm wondering how I can turn this around? I mostly do VR Let's Plays and survival game Let's Plays. should I be doing more vlogs? how should I go about promoting my YouTube channel on social...
  15. DivideAndConquer

    Island 359|Raptor scum!|VR let's play

    Hey guys my name is Trevor from Divide and Conquer and this is Island 359. it is a VR game where you hunt and kill dinosaurs. it kind of reminds me of the old PC game called carnivores but on steroids and in VR. honestly it is a really good game and I would love to hear what you have to say...
  16. Steflouise

    Australis contouring kit | review, swatches and tutorial

    Hey everyone This weeks video I got my hands on the Australis contouring and highlighting powder kit so I had a play around and made a mini chit chat vid on what I would personally use each powder for and where Thanks for watching :) xoxo
  17. Steflouise

    100 subscribers!!!

    HOORAY!!! officially made it to my first 100 subscribers!! such an exciting and great feeling!! woohoo can't wait for the next 100!!! :D:p:wub:
  18. Jadsey

    Honest Channel Feedback/Review

    Hello guys! I have been making videos for quite a while now, and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some honest feedback? What can I do better, and things like that. Here's my YouTube channel: Jad$ey (and if you like my content, then please be sure to SUBSCRIBE!) Thank you guys...
  19. Steflouise

    Gerard cosmetics haul June 2016

    new video is up for the week. My mini haul on the Gerard cosmetics website thanks for watching xoxo
  20. Steflouise

    Halo smokey eye w/ Venus 2 palette

    Hello my fellow beauties Have attached my video from this week of me attempting to do a halo smokey eye with the Venus 2 palette from lime crime Feel free to give me some feedback, and a thumbs up if you enjoyed :) Thanks for watching xoxo
  21. Steflouise

    Would love some feedback and advice xo

    Hey everyone I'm Stef Louise and I have a YouTube channel based on makeup and beauty. I've done voice over tutorials, chit chat tutorials, reviews on products, given some new trends a try and more. I upload every Monday but lately have been doing it twice a week so if this will help me grow...
  22. Elllisaurus

    Freedom network contract suddenly in my Google Docs

    Alright, I do not have an active youtube channel yet, to start it off. I am writing some ideas down and stuff, and reading up on how to market my youtube channel well, which is also why I joined this forum. Today I was checking my Google Docs, and there suddenly appeared a contract from Freedom...