Gaming 17+ Collaborations (Small YouTubers)


Hey, My name is Hift I've done YouTube before and hit 100+ subs and it got stale, but I wanna start making videos again.
I'm 17 so I'm looking for people from the age range from 17 - 19, I've been editing for myself and bigger channels for a few years and just enjoy making content, It doesn't matter to me if you have 10 subscribers or 100k subscribers, just looking for people that don't flex or make fun of other people for their subscriber count etc.

Basic Requirements:
Decent PC
Good Quality Microphone (Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, Audiotechnica AT2020)
Age: 17+
Easy name to remember or pronounce

If you're interested in collaborating hit me up on Discord: Hift#6179

I'm looking for a small group of friends that have the same interests..
Hey looking for new friends to record with and make memories and having fun with a group of good people my YT:Legitjuggernaut and Discord: LegitV2#8767