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congrats. How long did it take to go from 0 to 100?
thanks :)
took me roughly about 6 months. I had a shoutout recently and that really gave me the boost :)[DOUBLEPOST=1466411564,1466411519][/DOUBLEPOST]
Congrats! 100 subs is the amazing target for every new YOUTUBER. Keep up the good work.
yea its a very exciting time lol thank you[DOUBLEPOST=1466411602][/DOUBLEPOST]
well done! good luck on your journey toward 200!
teehee thank you :D[DOUBLEPOST=1466411653][/DOUBLEPOST]
Congratulations! Keep up the great work!
thanks love xxx[DOUBLEPOST=1466411714][/DOUBLEPOST]
Nice! Congrats for a wonderful achievement! can't even wait for my 30 subs!:banghead:
cheers mate.
Honestly I remember getting excited when I hit 30. And trust me. It really wasn't that long ago ;)
Congrats! What are your future plans now that you have reached 100? Do you have any plans when you get to 500, or 1000?
oooh thats a very interesting question!!
for now I'm just going to keep doing my thing making vids once a week but I feel like I need to upgrade on a few things like my camera. I currently use my iPad so I'm looking at getting an actual camera. And would like to invest in a macbook so I can get imovie to edit my videos with.
When my sub count gets a little higher I might even start uploading twice a week and once I get enough could possibly look into this famebit thing which is advertised on this forum.