100 subscribers

  1. S

    Looking to find other makeup artists to help grow channels

    Hey! I’m looking for other makeup artists who also wanna grow their channel. It’s so hard to get your videos seen amongst the vastness of YouTube, so we can give each other advice and promote each other on end screens etc. Here’s my latest video:
  2. Splashazard

    100 subscribers! #roadto200subs

    Made it to 100 subscribers! Wish me luck to 200!
  3. W

    Finally hit 100 Subs!!!

    I posted my first video on Aug 22. I just hit 100 Subs! I am learning more and more each day and I'm pretty proud of my progress so far. I do Mukbangs (eating broadcast) mixed with a little storytime. It's a family friendly channel so it's safe to watch in front of your kiddos. I feature a bit...
  4. BossHogg FGF

    100 Subscribers Milestone!!

    I have finally hit 100 subscribers!
  5. Dutchie Abroad

    My road to a 100 subs

    Hello everyone!~ I posted my first video on August 14th 2017. That is now three and a half months ago. In those months I have been able to accumulate that miracle number 100. I remember starting out and thinking: 100 subs in a year, that would be cool. Then I hit 50 after two months and began...
  6. Mikey Beats

    100 FLIPPIN SUBS!!! (2 months)

    I just hit 100 subs today after 2 months of posting! This really boosted my motivation! How many subs did you guys get in two months? ( I feel like my growth was a bit slow) And what advertising strategy did you use?
  7. Keg Man

    100 subs and closing on 150

    So i've been a little bit lax on the forums recently (between work, recording and networking as well as looking for new houses who WOULDN'T be a bit lax) but after doing some solid networking and working with one of the biggest modders for motorsport manager i finally broke the 100 sub count and...
  8. Dayn Brian

    I've passed the most hardest part,100 subscribers!!!

    OMG I woke up this morning to find that I just got my first 100 subscribers and I am soooooo happy!! I can't even tell you how much this means to me. It is hard,the grind is real but it is totally worth it! More things are to come so aspect me to be hardworking as ever!!
  9. Heather White

    10-Minute Hotel Abs Circuit

    Fit Vacation Episode 5: Don't have a lot of time for the gym, but want a flat stomach? Try this fun hotel abs circuit. You can do this while you are traveling, at home, or even the gym. You just need your bodyweight and a little motivation. If you like this workout and want to see more like it...
  10. Archieonic

    Unexpectedly, passed 100 subscribers in 1 month and 8 days!

    Today I get home from work ready to record a game, when suddenly, I go to my channel and see "104 subscribers". The feeling, it cannot be described. These past 2 days kind of raced through, as I went from 88 subscribers to 104 subscribers in the span of 2 days. I am beyond thankful. That "100"...
  11. TripTradeNinja

    100 Subscribers in 5 months!!!

    Hi everyone. My channel, Everyday Kids HD, just reached 100 subscribers. It wasn't easy but we got there. We work very hard to make professional looking videos with fun content, but as most of you know that alone doesn't bring in views or subscribers. The biggest lesson learned is that YouTube...
  12. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Looking to collab on PC with 100+ subs

    If you are close to 100 subscribers u can still be in this. I'm a normal YouTuber with 104 subscribers and I want to collab with other YoUtubers that hit that 100 milestone as well :P The games that I play are CSGO, Minecraft, rocket league, warframe, gmod, cards against humanity, H1Z1, PUBG...
  13. Bgirl Sonia

    Finally 100 subscribers on my French channel

    Hello ! I am happy to announce that I finall reached (and passed) 100 subs (I have 101) I am really happy since I don't really check at subscribers and don't focus on growing my subscribers count so I was very happy to see that even if I work hard to produce ,what I consider, a good quality...
  14. ClassicShinner

    100 Subscribers!!!!

    Man I just hit 100 subs a day ago and I couldn't be anymore happy with what is going on with my channel. Thanks a lot for all the support if you want to check me out you can if you want to of course. The channel name is ClassicShinner. Thanks and much love <3
  15. Larya

    We just achieved 100 subbies!

    Guys this is huge for us! Probably we should have waited to perhaps grow bigger and then post here but we are truly happy and truly appreciate that people actually subscribed and watch some of our video, it's really hard to realize and perhaps a little intimidating. :D I am shy but I know...
  16. Trippst3r

    100 Subscribers & 1,000 Views

    Greetings, YTTalk! I recently surpassed the first ground breaker of YouTube that is 100 subscribers! :D If that wasn't good enough, I exceeded 1,000 views the same day! My YouTube career has been enjoyable, and I see it being nothing but that as I continue my adventure.
  17. CrystalD

    I Got to 100 Subscribers AHHHHH!!!

    I've been freaking out about this since I saw it, which was like half an hour ago! I finally got to 100 subscribers!! After almost 2 years of posting I got 100 subscribers!! I'm so happy, such a major milestone! I've learned so much from my YouTube journey so far, one of them being don't be...
  18. Tac0cann0n

    100 Subscribers and 1000 views per month

    So I just hit my milestone of 100 subscribers, and I have to say that I'm really excited about it! I never actually thought that anyone would want to watch my content other than my friends, so I am happy about the results that I'm getting. Just excited to announce this milestone! I've also been...
  19. A

    I finally got 100 subscribers!

    After a lot of hard work and promotion and just being active on forums and reddit, and of course youtube, it finally happened! I got my first 100 subscribers!!! I started uploading to my channel a little over a year ago. In January 2016. So it took around 14 months for me to get here. That...
  20. Chara Celik

    100 Subs!

    Hey Guys, It's been 2 months since I started my Youtube journey and I just surpassed 100 subscribers. I am planning a cool video to celebrate this milestone. It would mean a lot if you guys checked out my channel and tell me what you think! Much ❤️ Chara
  21. SeanFace101

    I have reached 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!

    I am so happy that's me finally reached the 100 subscribers milestone! :D Just got my 100th subscriber there and I'm very chuffed! :D :D :D
  22. MasterEth

    100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!

  23. ORO

    100 SUBS AND 61,000 VIEWS!

    Hello everyone! When I made my account here, I really wanted to post when I finally hit 100 subs, and I did today! After 6 months, I started to post daily on YouTube and it took a short time to really feel some great effects of doing so. I look forward to future growth on the road to 200...
  24. K

    Is there Hope?

    Is there Hope? Many people are under 100 subscribers and I understand that YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. However, I see some YouTubers who gain 100s of subscribers within a week + Views. I look at their channel and it doesn't seem as if they're doing anything different to me. Is there...
  25. Scandinavian Freckles

    2016 Goal Achieved

    Hello everyone !! I hope you are all doing well, I am in such a good mood lately !! Yesterday I reached 100 subscribers AND I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED !! 5 months on youtube and I have 100 :) !! I am so extremely proud and thankful for every single one !! I wanted to ask if anyone knows when it...
  26. ColbzVlogz


    Exactly 2 months and 4 days after my first upload, I FINALLY GOT TO 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! I was so happy when I first found out, I was actually out eating dinner with a girl I just met and my buddy texted me and said "Congrats on 100 subs" and I stood in the middle of the restaurant and walked...
  27. Olija

    100 Subscriber Special! THANK YOU GUYS!

    Thank you guys so much for 100+ subscribers! That community stays strong, and I happy we got this point. This is a great milestone, and I made a dumb silly video just for the occasion :P
  28. Olija

    Is 1000 Subscribers Possible?

    Hey guys, it's OJ and I was just taking a look at how far I've come on my channel in almost a year's time and I was wondering to myself and talk to my friends about it all the time....Am I Capable of hitting 1000 subscribers (and no this isn't bait to get to my channel, you don't have to sub or...
  29. Olija

    100 Subscribed! So Blessed, You Guys Are Awesome!

    Hey guys, It's OJ here and I just wanted to say that my channel has reached 100 subscribed and has even surpassed that. I am so blessed and thankful to the community, and my friends/family for supporting me up until this point! My next huge milestone is 1000. I know I can make it there, so thank...