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Scandinavian Freckles

Loving YTtalk
Hello everyone !!
I hope you are all doing well, I am in such a good mood lately !!

Yesterday I reached 100 subscribers AND I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED !! 5 months on youtube and I have 100 :) !! I am so extremely proud and thankful for every single one !!

I wanted to ask if anyone knows when it will be possible to change the URL since it seems its been "down for maintenance" for for ever !! Do any of you know anything?? :)

a huge hug from happy me :D !!
Well done on the 100 subs and it's great that you achieved your goal before the end of year. You can really enjoy Christmas now! Keep it up. :)
Congratulations, that's quite a feat to accomplish in only 5 months, you should be proud of yourself!

Just keep creating content and I'm sure you'll hit 1,000 in no time.