custom url

  1. Kuudere Ghost

    I just reached 100 subscribers!

    This is amazing, I just reached 100 subscribers and now I have my own custom url! Both of which I think are awesome. It has been great learning on the way, and now I know what kind of content I want to make. It has also shown me just how enjoyable uploading a video every day is.
  2. Tom theWildlife

    Custom URL not changing?

    I recently hit 100 subscribers which meant that I was able to claim my custom URL which of coarse I did. Now when I go to advanced setting it is apprently changed to (Your custom URL: youtube/c/Tomthewildlife), however, when I go onto my page the URL still remains: UCDDiGi9sBcTnjRtSK67ZWSA. Does...
  3. T

    Custom URL - No videos, Little activity.

    Does anyone know of a way that Youtube may consider releasing the handle? The Youtube custom URL I'm looking at currently has zero videos uploaded. The activity is incredibly sparse, with a video ''liked'' a month ago, then a year ago, then 3 years before that. Do you think if I hit the 100...
  4. Scandinavian Freckles

    2016 Goal Achieved

    Hello everyone !! I hope you are all doing well, I am in such a good mood lately !! Yesterday I reached 100 subscribers AND I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED !! 5 months on youtube and I have 100 :) !! I am so extremely proud and thankful for every single one !! I wanted to ask if anyone knows when it...
  5. MechaJake

    Custom URL - When Am I Able?

    Hey Everyone, Just curious at what point Youtube will allow me to use a custom URL. I'm over 100 subs and have been for a little while now (As far as I understand, that's the requirement). I've checked and exhausted my dashboard tutorials but still nothing about URL's. Am I just playing the...
  6. Kaitlyn Moore

    Channel URL

    So I got a custom channel URL but when I click on my channel it still says UCmBMvykPuGkKDMRv1zrUFZw and it only has my custom url i I click on the link connected to my posts here on the forums. How do I make it so when anyone goes to my channel it has the custom URL and not the random letters...
  7. AM2PM

    I messed up my Custom URL!

    I've had this channel for more than a year but only started doing this new idea a few months back. I forgot that I messed around and got a custom URL for the channel already. You needed a website at the time and the url had to be in it. I had a foolish website named and I used...
  8. Scandinavian Freckles

    Custom URL ??

    To MODERATORS: if this thread is created in the wrong section I'm sorry !! I hope it is the right one :) Hey guys !! So I want to know when can I get my custom URL? is there a limit to the amount of subscribers you need to reach or is it something else? If it is the amount of subscriber...
  9. n3bsvid

    Should I change my username if I can't change my custom URL?

    Hey guys, first post! I want to change my username because I don't think it's really easy to remember and spell (it's n3bsvid now). The only problem is I already picked that as my custom URL and now I can't change it :( I'm even considering starting a new channel because of this. Anyone have...
  10. Cromartie

    Am I over-worrying my custom URL choice?

    Something's been nagging the back of my head for over a year. Back when Google introduced the whole custom URL (aka /c/ link) stuff-I was ecstatic and ready to change it, as I hated the username I haphazardly chose as a teenager-and was super ready and happy to change it to something more...
  11. NWBroadcasting


    Hi, I got this custom url a few months ago and it for some reason read like /c/NWBroadcasting rather than just my channel name with the /c/. Anyone know if that goes away after I reach a certain amount of subscribers or am I stuck with this name?