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Hey guys !!

So I want to know when can I get my custom URL? is there a limit to the amount of subscribers you need to reach or is it something else?
If it is the amount of subscriber, what is the amount you need to reach?

Thank you for the amount of support I have been getting & thank you in advance for taking the time to answer:)
Yea he's right 100, there's no other way. But if you upload regularly you'll reach it in time. One thing I want to share of my experience is it might feel like you can't register the name you want even though it's not taken. My channel name the as here, is a word I invented but when I went to register I couldn't! I got around this problem by changing my name, the registering the URL with what I wanted which for some reason, doing that made it work.
Is there a reason why they wont let you use the name you wont even if its not taken? Is it maybe too long? I really hope they let me use mine !!
I always remove the last letter in my channel name before I claim my custom URL.
For some reason it won't let you use your channel name's name :p

So when I made my custom url, MatboksenNorskGaming, I removed the G before claiming (MatboksenNorskGamin), then put it back in my name once my custom URL was made. :p
I don't remember it taking 100 subs. Is that new? I got my custom url fairly early on and I'm pretty sure I wasn't at 100 subs. But honestly I don't remember.
You don't need 100 subscribers. Linking your account to a website is sufficient. A free website (e.g. from Weebly) does the job.