Should I change my username if I can't change my custom URL?


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Hey guys, first post!

I want to change my username because I don't think it's really easy to remember and spell (it's n3bsvid now).

The only problem is I already picked that as my custom URL and now I can't change it :(

I'm even considering starting a new channel because of this.

Anyone have any advice on what I should do? Should I stick with my current name? Start a new channel? Change my name and live with the fact that the custom URL will not match? Something else? Is my current name hard to spell/remember?

How important is the custom URL to the success of a channel?

I don't think it's difficult to remember; "NEBS-vid" with a 3.
My channel name is braixen1264, and people don't care and still subscribe. I would personally keep the name.
I would say that starting a new channel wouldnt be the right way to go as it seems like you have made good progress on your current one. I would say that the url doesnt matter too much as in my experience a lot of people will just search for the channel name on youtube or go to their subscriptions tab to find a channel that they are subbed to. But I might be wrong with that, in the end it is entirely down to you :)