Am I over-worrying my custom URL choice?


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Mar 2, 2013
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Something's been nagging the back of my head for over a year. Back when Google introduced the whole custom URL (aka /c/ link) stuff-I was ecstatic and ready to change it, as I hated the username I haphazardly chose as a teenager-and was super ready and happy to change it to something more fitting. Being the indecisive person I am, I panicked over what to choose, and jumped the gun on "Cartoons by Cromartie."

I would quickly come to regret this decision as not only did it feel like it "trapped" me in my niche, but MrCromartie1989 was becoming much more recognizable for me. It's the name that autocompletes in Google, etc. Fast forward to present and I wonder if it's a decision that's shot my channel in the foot while stopping any growth or SEO it was beginning to get. Seeing as it can't be changed, I regret it tenfold-especially now that I'm finally inching towards uploading music and live action stuff too. I wish I went with /c/MrCromartie1989 instead of /c/CartoonsByCromartie now.

Or am I just nuts? Is the /c/ name only vanity? Kind of like a domain that redirects? After all user/MrCromartie1989 still works. Is the thought it's shot my channel in the foot all in my head? Can't shake the regret, but it's not like I can change my situation either.

Dunno, guess I needed to get yet another obsessive thing about my channel off of my chest/head/wherever.
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