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100 Subscribers in 5 months!!!


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Mar 8, 2017
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Hi everyone. My channel, Everyday Kids HD, just reached 100 subscribers. It wasn't easy but we got there. We work very hard to make professional looking videos with fun content, but as most of you know that alone doesn't bring in views or subscribers.

The biggest lesson learned is that YouTube is a strong community where we all rely on each other for ideas, promotion and success. This forum has been a huge help in gathering ideas. Now I can do a better job sharing ideas here rather than just lurking.

We reached this milestone by seeking out other similar channels and commenting on their hard work and hoping they'll check out our works as well. We became more active on social media. This meant using Twitter and Facebook to follow other channels and post photos and articles on topics that are relevant to our work.

Getting to 100 was very hard. There were times where we were ready to quit. But I know getting to 200 will be easier due to the knowledge I've acquired. Never give up!


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Nov 17, 2015
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Awesome work! Congratulations!