Commenting on Even Smaller YouTubers' Videos?


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I have seen a lot of people who just go to a video with a small youtuber on it, comment on it and hope that the person will respond friendly enough so they can get a new subscriber.

Does this tactic really work??
I was thinking of trying this one day, but I really just CAN'T do that to someone. It would feel like I'm lying to them and totally uninterested in their content, and using them just so I can seem welcoming and earn a sub.
...Which is exactly what I would be doing.

Do you do it? And if not, do you know someone who does it?
And does it really work?
Why are you even considering it if you believe it's misleading? Don't do it. Things like this never work and usually people can see what you're trying to do immediately.
Why are you even considering it if you believe it's misleading? Don't do it. Things like this never work and usually people can see what you're trying to do immediately.
I was considering it at one point in time, but definitely not anymore.
I was wondering what everyone else thinks about it. Because I'm pretty sure there are people in the forums here that do it often
I have had a couple of people do that to me actually. They were like yeah awesome and I felt really happy because I thought they were being genuine but then they were all like check my channel, so I did and I actually liked their content but I never heard from them again. >_< So I was like oh, I see! I caught on, I didn't like it. lol
honestly I find it annoying when people comment something along the lines of "nice video, check out my channel" its spam and it makes your channel look bad, if you want exposure, comment on videos you watch, leave a good comment and exposure will come, but if your just commenting tat, who's to say you even watch it? for example on one of my vids I got a "nice video!" when it was a 7 second video with just text...really makes you think
I'll be honest. I always comment on videos if I have something to tell. I never thought to gain subs that way, and it should never be a motivation to leave a comment just for the sole purpose of gaining subs. People aren't stupid and I believe if your intentions are true and sincere, people will recognize that and might even leave a sub. Be honest with what you are posting and people will come to your channel. That's the bottom line.
If I see a pet video that has something in it that I like, I leave a comment telling what I liked about it. I watch lots of bad or unimpressive videos that get no comment. I leave comments because I want to support small YouTubers and I do hope they check out my channel since we have similar interest in pet videos. I NEVER mention my channel at all. I will get some subs. I have also subbed pet channels when I am particularly impressed and they have not subbed me back.
I think if its a genuine comment related to the video then its totally okay.
I tend to specifically look out for small YouTubers and comment on their videos but usually its to form a bond with them rather than a one time comment sort of thing to get myself subs.
In my opinion leaving a comment is not a bad least it's give the content creator some inspiration,specially for small YouTubers....honestly there is nothing like checkout my channel.Cause even I leave a good comment people are only going to subscribe to my channel only if they enjoyed my content not just because of this that I leaved a comment on their videos.After all we are not forcing them to subscribe :)
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