Help needed on uploading TV show to YouTube


Jun 26, 2022
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Hi friends!

While searching internet for any clue I stumbled upon this forum and looked like this forum is what I was looking for. Now, straight to the point.

I recorded a very popular music show on the TV and then decided to upload to my newly created YouTube channel. I intended to upload the full episode but part by part . Now the last episode was episode 13 and I am going to upload episode 1. So it is not intervening the viewer share of the TV Channel owner / Organizers of the show. I have trimmed the part where the name of the show displayed. But when I went to upload that video, YouTube showing that the video is copyrighted and showing the full episode 1 name whereas that name is nowhere seen in the video but I mentioned it in the description. Now, I need help on how can I upload that video because I have seen that many people have uploaded the parts of that video, even of the last episode and showing the logo of the show and mentioned the name of the show in the description. My question is, if they could do it and YT had no objection then why my video is being blocked?! How can I bypass this copyright thing? There are even full movies uploaded to YT by users and YT gave no objection then why my video is being blocked where I have put a disclaimer that this video is not uploaded to violate any copyright law but to share them as 'Fair Usage' and the copyright is retained with the TV company / show organizers.

Please help me friends. I need a solution very badly.