1. Scuplex

    Low viewers duration time what to do?

    Hello dear creators, i face a problem where i upload a video it gets 50-60 views and the average watch time on the videos from my viewers is 0:43 and the videos have a length of 6-10 minutes I know that this question has been asked multiple times in the past but i want a bit of clear advice to...
  2. T

    Want to change channel name... good or bad idea?

    Heya! My channel name is - Thunder - and I'm considering changing it. Why? Because every time I spell out my channel name I'm like "dash space Thunder space dash" and people get all confused, writing literally 'dash space Thunder space dash' and getting the name wrong. There has been a SINGLE...
  3. M

    Want to improve

    I've been making videos for about a year now. I have a gaming channel. I had to teach myself EVERYTHING from editing in Hitfilms, editing in GIMP, what and how OBS works, i was a complete noob. I learned everything from Google and Youtube.I still am no master at it but i continue to try and get...
  4. ImNutty

    I need help from a graphic designer for a Banner

    Hey everyone! To be short, sweet, and simple: My name is Nutty, I obviously make youtube videos, and feel like it's time for an upgrade. A friend of mine drew my logo a few months back, and I don't plan on changing it, I think it fits my channel and me to a T. BUT I need a new banner, here is...
  5. H

    Help me!!!

    I need to know if airplaying a video to a tv signs your YouTube account in with that tv
  6. A

    Why do my comments disappear in YT Live?

    This only happens on one channel. I can comment on her regular videos just fine, but when she does lives, I can't. I type up my comment, press send, and it disappears. I did it on her first live ever and I noticed that. I can comment on other YouTubers lives just fine.
  7. D

    How to see the first video you watched

    Hello is there any way to see the first video you watched? I know you can go to history and scroll down, but that would take multiple days as ive been on yt for a long time (Also im pretty sure you can only scroll a couple days back anyways so that’s useless)
  8. Rehannah

    How to get out of using a video camera for videos

    So in the past I would use a webcam or film with a phone. I'm tired of trying to prop up my phone to shoot and am saving up for a camera. In the mean time I wanted to try to get away from using a camera. Any tips? My channel is vlog-type but also does music I was thinking of doing lyric videos...
  9. B

    London - looking for nerdy/unfit/skinny person (18+) to become a face of the channel | all tech provided

    Hi All, I am looking for a nerdy/unfit type of a guy/girl/adult person (18+) to start a YouTube channel about sports, sounds weird right? Keep on reading ;) Idea: Every week that person tries new sport yoga, dancing, martial arts, water sports, literally anything. We record first and only...
  10. Alvarez Gaming

    211 Videos 371 Subs 50k Views Please Help....

    What's up everybody so I've been going at youtube for quite some time now and I seem to be stuck. I know of a major effect on my channel is game hopping. I've hopped around quite a few games and I know that confuses my viewers. I just wanted to get some feedback on my channel and what I can do...
  11. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  12. GlobalDayz

    Stock Footage considered "Reused Content" ?

    My channel was recently demonetized due to reused content as many other channels were as well to kick off 2019.. YT did not specify exactly what they considered on the channel to be reused so I deleted almost everything. Simply put I wanna resume creating videos but not for free.. I'm trying to...
  13. George Hudson

    Need your advice

    Hello Everyone, So I just have started uploading again recently and did a whole channel refresh, new thumbnails, new channel art and higher quality content. I would really appreciate it if everyone could go and check it out and let me know what they think!
  14. George Hudson


    What's that George has uploaded another video..... BOOM YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!
  15. TeeDottie1

    [locked] I want to give up, advice please!!!!!!

    I'm an emotional wreck right now.. Our view have done nothing but going down, and it really sucks.. Do the people not like us, or what .. idk its just so stressful!!! If you can please give us some type of feedback.. any feedback is good feedback remember that !
  16. TeeDottie1

    Ask me questions?

    Its for a video on the channel!! Please help or just video ideas for one, its just me today.
  17. Dixieee_

    How can I improve?

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask if someone could review my channel? The subs and views are standing still and I dont know what to do. Im not trying to reach a billion subs or views or anything, but 1 more or something would be nice What can I do to make the thumbnails better? What can I do...
  18. Gits and Shiggles

    Balancing YouTube with life

    Hey, I just got back into making videos and stuff because It's fun for me, but it's a pretty time-consuming activity because I normally do a lot of editing in my videos. Basically, I was wondering how some people manage Youtube and work, or Youtube and school. By school I mean college, high...
  19. CristyTango

    YouTubers with Mental Illnesses, How do you do it?!

    I've been wanting to get back into this since about December. But ever since then, I just can't bring myself to post or record. I got a calendar to be more organized and am looking at videos of how other people plan and THOUGHT I understood how to go about it and really wanted to make a...
  20. RashadTheCreator

    Editing Tips and Tricks?

    Hey! I've been doing Youtube for over a year now and editing seems to be the part most people like the least. Sometimes I can't wait to edit a video and sometimes it feels like a chore. I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips or tricks in order to speed up the editing process or make it...
  21. Cory91

    Wrestling Channel Review

    Hey Everybody! We have a wrestling channel called Dear Wrestling, from out first video to our newest I think there are giant improvements as adding text, graphics, new setting, etc. I just think there can always be new ways to improve your content and I wanted to get some suggestions from any of...
  22. RashadTheCreator

    Social Media Green Screens?

    Hey guys, Does anyone use social media green screens to plug your social media sites e.g facebook/instagram? I'm currently using Kinemaster on Android to edit my videos, and have stumbled upon this term while looking for ways to animate my 'call to action'. I need to know: What exactly they...
  23. Jon Wodzisz

    Best completely free iOS manual video app

    what is the best iOS manual video app for raw and changing things like iso, shutter speed and all of that ish? I found ones that are paid but not that are free.
  24. Aarondaboi

    How do i optimize search options?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if theres a good free keyword search or something to boost relevance for your videos? Also how do you get more exposure to your channel? Thank you for any advice!
  25. ASMRher

    Weird video requests from my viewers...I need advice...

    Hi guys, I've started making some ASMR videos about 3 weeks ago. One day a commenter joked about I should tape my mouth while making ASMR no talking videos(I usually do a whisper intro), and I thought it was funny so I made a video taping my mouth. That video did well, but now I'm getting all...
  26. A

    Everything Game Recording Help

    Hey guys so I plan on starting my own YouTube channel for gaming HOWEVER I’m quickly finding out how hard this is for someone who doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. I downloaded OBS to screen record and get hit film 4 so I could edit and such but I mean I honestly don’t know what to do. I...
  27. PhysicsFreak101

    I don't know how to improve my Funny Moments Content.

    Hi, my name is Jake, and I have been doing YouTube for a little over 2 years. The last 6 or so months I have been getting into making "Funny Moments" style content, and I made a new channel specifically for that type of content. I am hoping that people can give me some recommendations for my...
  28. GameCable

    How to start YouTube

    I want to join, but i'm worried that I won't have enough time thanks to school and all that. I was thinking I could just record a whole heap of videos on sundays and upload them every day for the week. And I also think its to late to start YouTube. What do I do? P.S. I want to do gaming videos!
  29. Dorramu

    My Videos not being accessible (HELP)

    So I just posted a video on youtube, taking nearly a whole day to upload and now, it dosen't come up on my channel and the link for anyone else just takes them to an error page where it says the video is unavailable. The video contains copyrighted music but that dosen't mean it shouldn't be...
  30. SillyVoid

    How to advertise properly

    The other day I was told by someone that the reason my videos aren't being viewed is because I'm not advertising properly but I wasn't able to ask how to do so. So please can anyone please give some advise on how to effectively advertise my videos. Any help would be much appreciated.