Dear fellow YouTubers, I need your help.

I'm currently in the design process with a few people, designing this new platform for YouTube Creators mostly.
The idea is to help creators in all aspects of being a YouTuber, both creatively, financially, in regards to planning videos, becoming a full-time YouTuber, brainstorming, editing, and much more.

We are currently doing market research, to see if this idea even has a potential of being successful.

One of the many things we would offer would for example be a thumbnail kind of deal, where you receive a thumbnail pack that includes: All kinds of samples and templates, copyright free elements to use (borders, textures, overlays, explosions, fire, debris, lens flares), many different text templates and more. And besides this, we provide you with a Tips and Guides to make a fantastic thumbnail, collecting advice from successful YouTubers and professional graphical designers. This isn't anything new, or mind blowing - but it would spare your from hours of searching for elements and templates - we would love to make this process easier, so creators can spend more time on creating.

Another type of "product" we would offer would be a business kind of deal. Where we provide you with contract templates in regards to sponsorships, Adsense revenue trackers, tips for contacting companies, video schedule templates, brainstorm templates, guides, tips and much more.

Also editing products, like easy to use custom like and subscribe animations, LUTs, Zoom animations, Sound Effects etc.

So to make it short, the platform will help you in any aspect of being a creator. From planning, filming, editing to doing sponsorships, to promote yourself and much more.
And all of this would be a fusion of information, techniques and tips from successful YouTubers and professionals

And yes of course you could find copyright free elements, templates and guides on the internet for free. But we all know how hard and time consuming it is to find a great quality template or element on the internet for free. With this platform we would offer a quick and high quality product with tons of different styles, easy usability, all in one place.

This would not only be a product for the new upcoming YouTuber, but also a product that could be used by even the experienced YouTuber.

This will take a lot of work hours, people and money to make a reality - and because of that this will of course be a service you pay for.
So my question to you is, if this became a reality would you as a YouTuber pay for this kind of service?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this, and thank you for your answers!
My advice is to look at what other companies are out there doing similar things, and how you are going to compete with their offerings, particularly what value proposition you can demonstrate.

eg the snappas and canva's for templates
various free (and paid) music sites
various educational options (both on YT for free, platforms like udemy and skillshare, and other companies in the video creative space)
and, of course, FIVERR

Convenience is certainly nice, and some people may be prepared to pay a lot for it - particularly large channels which don't have their own staff.
(Think of Linus tech tips if he was a one man band...)
However typically especialy new users I think are always on the lookoiut for the dheapest / no cost options.

I don't think your idea is a bad one by any means, just make sure you research research research before jumping in.

Good luck !