1. W

    Youtube keeps removing my comments.

    I'm a guy on Youtube that makes a lot of tracklists. On "WeAreRampage", "Let It Roll .festival", etc. After a while of posting some lists, Youtube censors my comments from the public. I decided to switch over to 1001 tracklists. (which is a website where you can post tracklists of every mix...
  2. radialDomo

    Looking for Channel Feedback

    Hey guys, I am still kinda new to the whole of Youtube, I've been going for a couple months working consistently uploading daily and the quality, in my opinion, has significantly changed from when I first started Youtube. What I mainly want from you guys is a quick glance over my channel, as...

    Why Conversate With Commentors In YouTube Comment Section!

    I'll tell you how to handle commentors and why you should conversate with them in your YouTube comment section. These commenters may be rude or critical. The best way to handle them is debate with them. Instead of getting upset and saying things that might make you look bad. Try and be more...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    I made a Cover song what do you think?

    So i decided to make a cover song because i'm good at Guitar! :D Hope you like it :) Cover song, is Peter Murphy - Strange kind of love
  5. Pierre Maynard

    KATE NEEDS HELP! - Life is Strange episode 2 - Part 4

    I'm back with more Life is Strange! :D This time i'm on episode 2, let's see if i can get 10 likes to keep the series going :) @Selim Keles @Vicboss @G-Man
  6. C

    Others' comments not showing

    On one of my videos I got notifications about new comments in the YouTube app, but on the video page the comments don't show, athough the comments number suggests the comments should be there. Additionally, I notice that some video likes show in the YouTube app but not elsewhere. The channels...
  7. Pierre Maynard

    OMG THIS GAME IS CREEPY! - Daylight Horror gameplay - part 1

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Welcome to my first ever Gaming Horror series, Hope you enjoy this video! Sit back relax and enjoy the ride of Horror :D @Selim Keles @G-Man @Vicboss @JayPlaysOfficial @Dig @Wight Space @Metis Television
  8. vMinti

    The number of comments (bug?)

    So, I've uploaded a montage of mine. And there's 6 comments on that video. All good, all nice. But whenever I go to Creator's Studio, it shows that it has a total of 10 comments. I'm a fresh youtuber here and it's quite confusing for me. Is this some kind of bug, or am I missing something? :x
  9. Pierre Maynard

    Need help with Facecam for my video!!

    So hello everyone! I need a facecam that can go with my video, i'm not asking you to pay me for one, Just need a simple facecam that goes with my video :) I have left a little gap between the facecam video so it's easier for you to do. I need this facecam within this week! Once done just send it...
  10. Pierre Maynard

    I'm making a Horror gaming series!

    So i have never done and actually made a series before! This will be my first time but is it okay that i make a Horror game series? It might just be me in the videos playing horror games getting scared lol. I'm going to be playing Daylight Horror PS4 game! Will it be okay to record a gaming...
  11. Pierre Maynard

    I want to try my first Q&A

    I can't make the Q&A video without your help! So ask me anything you wish :) @G-Man @Selim Keles @Vicboss
  12. M

    Do you respond to negative comments?

    Hey everyone Whenever I receive a comment, I always reply. I've received some constructive critisism and replied with something like "I'll work on it" etc. However, I guess there comes a time when every youtuber were receives a negative comment that isn't constructive, but just plain mean. My...
  13. M

    Do you respond to negative comments?

    Hey everyone Whenever I receive a comment, I always reply. I've received some constructive critisism and replied with something like "I'll work on it" etc. However, I guess there comes a time when every youtuber were receives a negative comment that isn't constructive, but just plain mean. My...
  14. Pierre Maynard

    Comedy The Seekers | S2 E1 - False Journey

    SEASON 2 IS UNDERWAY!!!!! Hope you like it, don't forget to share! @G-Man @Vicboss @Selim Keles
  15. ProjectJamesify

    "No comments to display" with 100+ spam comments

    Hi guys, I love reading and answering comments. My viewers get super hyped with this interaction. However, many comments end up in the spam folder for no reason. That's not the point though. The problem is that I cannot view all those spam comments. I currently have about 100 of them sitting...
  16. Hadi

    Best time to upload and other strategies?

    Hey guys, I just joined the forum, because I thought you guys seem pretty cool. You all seem experienced in YouTube, and I'd really like it if I can have some advice when it comes to YouTube and growth. I've had a channel for less than a month, and I'm at around 86 subscribers. My videos...
  17. Pierre Maynard

    I need help with making another video!

    So i have made some great videos lately,:D but now i have no idea what video to make next. Any ideas anyone? Hope you are all okay :)
  18. hatlesschimp

    650 Subscribers & 150,000 views

    So I never celebrated 600 subs, I came onto the forum to make a post but decided that I shouldn’t and just went on to congratulate others that had achieved their Milestones. However 650 has just clicked over and I felt like I need to achieve this to allow myself the time accept that I have...
  19. Pierre Maynard

    Pierre Maynard ft. The Case - Away (A Life Is Strange Inspired Song)

    So this is my new Single called Away which is a Life is strange inspired song!! Hope you like it :) Don't forget to like comment and subscribe! @Vicboss @Selim Keles @G-Man
  20. Pierre Maynard

    DEJA VU? | Life is Strange episode 1 - part 3

    Hello everyone hope you are all okay! :) here is part 3 of my Life is strange gameplay hope you like it don't forget to like comment and subscribe! :D @Selim Keles @Vicboss @G-Man
  21. Pierre Maynard

    Shooting stars - True Quantity

    This is a trailer for an upcoming short Film that i am helping with hope you like it! :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @Vicboss
  22. Pierre Maynard

    Need help with a series on YouTube!

    So hello everyone! Me and my friend have made a YouTube series called The Seekers, which is influenced by channel 4's sitcom peep Show. I need an idea of what's going to happen in Season 2 episode 1 scene 1, originally it was Mikey a drug dealer getting sacked by manager for dropping coke...
  23. Pierre Maynard

    What's happened to my channel?

    So i made a video where i don't understand what's going on with my channel, why i'm not getting enough popularity. take a look! Hope everyone has had a great day :)
  24. FurryFriends

    Do You Get Negative/Bad Comments?...How do you cope with them?

    Sometimes I get "f" or "s" and hate words on my videos from some people for no apparent reason, they don't give suggestions but only negative emotions... I'm not sure why they are so harsh. Just curious does this happen to you as well? How to you cope with these negative words?.. Thanks!

    [Most Favorite] - [Least Favorite] Comments

    So I've been doing youtube for almost 3 weeks now gained some subscribers, put out a bunch of videos and received some comments. Most of them are pretty positive right now, but I want to hear from you guys, which ones cracked you up the most or made you borderline depressed. This is just a...
  26. Pierre Maynard

    GHOSTS ARE REAL! Resident evil 7 Biohazard (Demo)

    Come check out my brand new Horror Demo! Resident Evil has changed, but what did you guys think comment below thanks? :) Please leave a like and comment on my channel! as this video is not very popular lol :D I did make quite a bit of time producing this video, but i hope you like it :) Tara...
  27. Itter


    Comments nowadays are just... I mean people commenting stuff like 'Leave a like and school will be canceled tmr' having more subs than people who actually puts in the effort in their videos are just absolutely ridiculous. YouTube needs to fix this and I have a 'Explore' page for smaller...
  28. Devan

    South African Small YouTuber banner ideas

    Hey everyone I'm new here XD wanted to know what you guys think of my channel banner it's nothing Profesional but I made it with the Cs6 skill that I have (almost none ) haha My channel is mostly gaming with some Playthroughs with nice stories please leave some comment letting me know what I can...
  29. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Making comments is a spam?

    hi, i just want to know if you comment a lot to your friends channels will it make you a spammer? The comments are not copy pasted it is always different from other comments i make.
  30. Pierre Maynard

    Request I need help with my channel!

    Hey guys so i need some help with changing my channel art and channel profile, i need someone to make a new one for me. If any of you are not doing anything or are interested let me now! I can't do it myself because i don't have any idea, of how to make it better or anything. So is anyone...