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Hey guys so i need some help with changing my channel art and channel profile, i need someone to make a new one for me. If any of you are not doing anything or are interested let me now!

I can't do it myself because i don't have any idea, of how to make it better or anything.

So is anyone interested? :)



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I can do a basic channel art and logo for you if needed, if you want a more professional channel art and logo you will need to pay :)

Note: Free will require you to link my channel.
Hello Pierre, I can do it for you, just for 1$ (PayPal). We will friendly work together to make your channel look amazing, Please Send me a message if interested :) Good Luck with that! ;)
Hello everyone just to let you all know that, i have managed to change my channel art, and profile thanks to my friend Callan! :D But thank you all for commenting and trying to give up your time by helping me with my channel. :)
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