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  1. Ivory Cherry

    can someone critique my banner and thumbnails?

    I would love some insight on whether an outsider thinks my thumbnails and channel art are okay. I will do the same for anyone that wants feedback as well!
  2. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  4. Stike96

    Your One-Stop Guide To Great Branding!

    ***Sorry if someone already made a similar post to this one, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Edit: Oops, I just realised that there's a dedicated branding section in the forum. Don't know how missed that lol. Nevermind, I guess this is still my take on it. *** Hi all! I wanted...
  5. Justine

    Looking For Channel Feedback!

    So six days ago I found out that the site that I used to regularly use for making thumbnails and channel art was now requiring me to pay for a membership and all that, so I switched to using GIMP for my most recent video and it's thumbnail! I also re did my channel art (more specifically my...
  6. Sammie

    Request Need a New Banner

    Hey I'm looking for someone who creates banners. I'm not looking for anything like dramatic I just am bad at creating banners myself. If someone could contact me that's good at making banners that would be great. With this thread I have an example of the type of banner I would want attached to...
  7. N

    [HELP] Blurry Channel Banner

    Hello forum, I am trying to upload my banner art (the banner at the top of your channel) and every time I do it the image turns out blurry. I am using their suggested size of 2560x1440 and it is still blurry. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks!
  8. JustSeb

    Request Channel Art and maybe Thumbnails?

    Hello, so basically the main thing I am requesting as you can tell is the channel art/banner, if anyone could help with this I would highly appreciate it and I will repay you in some way, I am also looking for someone to consistently make me thumbnails but this isn't fully needed, thanks in advance!
  9. 3rdfloorlive

    Request CLOSED - Needing a revamp of our logo and banner art [paid]

    Hey guys so we're looking to revamp our logo. as you can see, it has the 3F part to look like the side of a building (hence 3rd floor live) we're looking for someone to revamp it and give it some flare. we're also looking for some cool banner art, whether it be a cartoonized version of me and...
  10. KingleBricks

    Using PicMonkey for Channel Art and Thumbs

    I personally use PicMonkey for all my youtube art, whether it be the channel art or the thumbnail its my go to i usually use transparent pictures from google or use the eraser tool to take out the background like i did for my LeBron James video though sometimes that can be difficult. I would...
  11. Gingican Games

    Request Channel art/ Banner

    I made a new logo for my channel and I'm very proud of it but I am clueless on what or how to make channel art! Is there anyone that can make a banner that says Gingican Games on it and caters toward gaming for free? Thank you it would be much appreciated! The one I have I made on the fly it's...
  12. MCRobotNinja

    Request [Free] Looking For Some Advice and Help

    I am looking for someone who can help give me advice for my channel art and icon because I just feel like the ones I am choosing just aren't really working for me. I was hoping someone could help me out to make a channel art and a icon that fits my channel. I am not a person who is asking...
  13. Brandino_legend

    Request Need help to make channel art for my new channel

    hi I'm just starting my youtube channel and I need help making good looking channel art if your able to help in any way that would be so helpful
  14. Brilli2K

    Request New channel art for 2K youtuber (free)

    Hey, I'm looking for a profile picture and channel banner for my channel. If you want inspiration take it from HankTheDank25, he has a really nice style. Please can the profile picture just say Brilli and the channel art have Brilli2K and my twitter of ItsBrilli2K. Can the main colour be blue...
  15. j0yfulp0tato

    Request Requesting A Banner(free)

    I want to request a banner for my YouTube Channel, Joyful Potato. If anyone wanted to assist me on my new channel by making a banner, I would highly appreciate your support. I am still in the process of learning how to properly design graphics without it looking amateur. A month ago, my...
  16. Locked On Gaming

    Services Channel Art Template

    Hi, my name's Arthur. I do graphic design for fun and also because I really don't have anything else to do :/ Anyways, I'm selling this channel art template. Please PM me the amount of money you are willing to pay for this. Here are some of my other works if you guys have any requests :
  17. Pierre Maynard

    Request I need help with my channel!

    Hey guys so i need some help with changing my channel art and channel profile, i need someone to make a new one for me. If any of you are not doing anything or are interested let me now! I can't do it myself because i don't have any idea, of how to make it better or anything. So is anyone...
  18. TonyOutPlaysYT


    HEY GUYS! I am in need of a cool new channel banner! I haven't bought photoshop so i can't use the cool templates in google. :( If someone could make me one with my channel name and dm it to my kik or twitter i will love you forever. kik: kingtony115 twitter: TonyOutPlaysYT
  19. TBWPOfficial

    Services Channel Art! Very Cheap!

    I've made channel art for My channel as well as my friend's channels, So I decided to use my skill and knowledge to help others! I find graphic design really fun and interesting! If you are interested in my service please shoot me and email at! I'll get to you as soon as...
  20. Artekis

    Services Affordable Channel art! First Free!

    I am willing to create custom channel art for you as well as custom youtube thumbnails for your videos!! I will use any photos you want as well as any words and colors for the channel art! This is the channel art I have made for my own channel using all of my own photos. I hope you like my...
  21. Jibbsy

    Channel Art And Should I Make An Intro

    Hey guys so I was wondering should I make a intro for all my videos. Not necessarily an animated one but a few sentences that to keep it consistent? Also regarding branding I made a channel banner yesterday and I was hoping to know whether there is anyway I could improve it. Thanks :)
  22. Rickeeper

    HELP ME! Where can I get better? What I am doing wrong?!

    Hello Guys! Thank for coming by to read my thread! So I still feel a bit insure about: - Logo - Channel Art/Banner - Thumbnails What can I improve and how can i improve? Thanks for helping me!
  23. Erika Talerico

    Looking for honest opinions on how to improve my channel...

    Hi there. I am very serious about my channel and would really appreciate some honest feedback. Everyone loves cute animals right? I am working on getting to my first 100 subs and as everyone knows this is challenging. I get lots of views but the subs are so slow to grow. What can i do to grab...
  24. TheZombieHunter23

    Request I need a channel banner? (Free)

    Hello there. I would like to request a channel banner for free. You will recieve an: Shoutout from me Thank you for your time.
  25. CyberunHD

    Review my channel:) new art work..

    Hi Guys, Ive been improving a few things on my channel like banner art work and other things, so if you could take a minute to check it out and offer your feedback (good or bad) it would be much appreciated:) Thanks for viewing.. CyberunHD...
  26. ZeroDasFreak

    art work sugesstions

    hey guys im a newer member of yttalk and i wanted to get suggestions as to what to do to redo my channel art and profile image. what comes to mind when that you hear "ZeroDasFreak" either out loud or in your head? to me multiple things come to mind that i cant just pick one. also what is the...
  27. KennaDesigns

    help! banner quality keeps dropping when uploaded!! :(

    So, I uploaded my YouTube banner for my channel redesign, and it keeps dropping in quality for some reason after I upload it. Here's the website, looking real bad quality. :( Here's the real image, looking real better quality :) Notes: I have saved it as a .jpeg, and a .png, and neither...
  28. IPPimp

    Request Logo/Channel Banner Combo

    Im deciding to start fresh with my return to youtube, I currently have 68 subscribers and I'm just looking for a simple logo/channel banner to match the username ImPaused, just a simple Pause Symbol for the profile pcture and something more for the banner. I can't offer monetary payment atm, so...
  29. Carlos Samayoa

    Is my channel art okay?

    Hi I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on my Channel art :)
  30. TheDragonking564

    Unsure What I Should Do to Effectively Brand Myself...

    Hey Guys, Recently, I have been looking at my channel and have been unsure if the way I am branding my channel on the main page and in general has been effective or conveys the channel I run. I run a gaming/review channel where I play Anime and Horror Games, and review Anime. However...