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Hey guys,

I am still kinda new to the whole of Youtube, I've been going for a couple months working consistently uploading daily and the quality, in my opinion, has significantly changed from when I first started Youtube.

What I mainly want from you guys is a quick glance over my channel, as its not as if my channel isn't still in the process of growing, but I would like to constantly improve myself and the content I produce for my viewers.

I also recently re-branded myself as I changed my YT username and felt that everything could be improved:

Are both my page banner and logo good? too simple? or just crappy?

Are my video thumbnails and titles working or should I work on creating a more unique thumbnail style?

I have also tried tagging my videos as much as possible in which it relates to the game or video but am not sure if I missed any little tricks I can use to get my videos noticed more?

Any comments/constructive criticism is more than welcome!
Hey there! I took a look at your channel, especially the graphics and titling of your videos.

Your logo, in my opinion, looks super good and professional. Your banner looks pretty good as well, but I would change the font to make it look a bit less default.

Your thumbnails look a little simple, but then again you do lots of playthroughs, so your thumbnails match the video well. I would just suggest changing the font to something less default but still pretty basic and clean, and have the game's logo much bigger in the center. Also try to add some color or something interesting to catch the viewer's attention.

Finally, a tip I have for the tags that you may already know about is TubeBuddy. It helps with a lot more than just tags, but you can test out tags and explore how often it's searched compared to how many other people have used that tag to see if it's good to use or just a waste of characters.

In terms of your video quality, your audio and video looks really good! I'm especially in love with your audio, what mic do you use?

That's about all I have to say. Just keep uploading! Your channel is really good :)
Hi Manarkey,

Thanks for your feedback, I agree that the font on my banner could use a little work as well as the font I use for thumbnails.

I honestly wasn't sure if the games logo should be in the thumbnails at all but I think I'll see how centering them and giving them a more prominent feel in the thumbnail and also throwing in a bit more color, honestly going back and looking at my thumbnails, I agree that they could use it;)

Also, I do use tubebuddy and it helps alot with simplifying the whole process of uploading:bounce:

BTW, I use a Blue Yeti that I picked up on Amazon for $50 when there was an Amazon Prime deal thingy going on and then I edit the audio in audacity (thank you for your input here as well as I wasn't sure about the audio and have been bugging myself about it for the last month in a half)

Thank you for your feedback, I really do appreciate the time you took out of your day to help me