Do you respond to negative comments?

Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
Hey everyone

Whenever I receive a comment, I always reply. I've received some constructive critisism and replied with something like "I'll work on it" etc.

However, I guess there comes a time when every youtuber were receives a negative comment that isn't constructive, but just plain mean.

My question is do you reply to these comments? Are there certain ones you just ignore completely?

Thanks all!
Best to you :)
I have a tendency to reply to the negative ones more than the positive ones, but I try to make up for it by responding to positive ones more. My default response to a plain mean one is "You're welcome!" That is, unless a witty pun or play-on-words reply that plays off of what they said comes immediately to my mind.
@Merlina Rodas I think that if theyre constructive i would thank them for it, however, if its comments like "you're ugly" or something i cant really change i would probably ignore it or if they continue on the same video or multiple ones i would delete and block the person because its a bit pointless to be spamming comments that don't really help anyone.
@Idec Sdawkminn I wish i could actually come up with a good pun :D i'd probably have to google something
I just watched 2 movies on Netflix: Indie Game and Indie Games Life After.
The programmers talk about the hatred they received. It's amazing. They worked so hard for years coding and designing games, and people are so abusive.
It was a good perspective on how the internet is - there is so much hatred from losers, mostly those who have never accomplished anything in their own lives.
For our channel, I used to read the whole negative comment usually, and some people like to write a full (mostly grammar lacking) paragraph expressing their opinion. Now I don't read. Just block. It's not worth wasting 30 seconds on.
For me it depends if the comment has any constructive criticism to it.

If the comment is pointless negativity and has no substance then i would not give the person the time of day, if however it is their honest opinion and was relevant of course i would reply.
I censor out a lot of harsh words. For example, my brother is gay so I blocked all the negative terms for gay people the day I uploaded a video with him in it.

I also auto flag any comment with a link or comments that contain common insults. I still see the comments in the spam tab of my comments, but I keep them hidden so that there isn't a snowball effect of negativity on my videos.

My community is pretty good though, the haters usually unsub. I do respond to negative comments if they aren't insulting or troll posts. Or if someone states why they feel a certain way, I do a good job of respecting their opinion.
I recently had someone leave a comment that just said 'you did it wrong you f**king retard!' Over a kfc recipe lol. I don't respond to nonsense like that so it gets deleted and the user blocked from commenting. Constructive feedback is always welcome, and a lot of the time I'll ask people to let me know if they did or didn't like a recipe. Plain abuse though, is just removed.