Pierre Maynard

I Love YTtalk
So hello everyone! Me and my friend have made a YouTube series called The Seekers, which is influenced by channel 4's sitcom peep Show. I need an idea of what's going to happen in Season 2 episode 1 scene 1, originally it was Mikey a drug dealer getting sacked by manager for dropping coke (Drugs) down the engine at the back of the bus, :D But we've had to change that scene because the person who was meant to be doing the boss part is very busy and can't do it. So i have no idea what's going to happen on scene 1 now. It's up to me to edit the videos now since my friend is not interested anymore, and i said i would upload this video by this month!! I keep pushing it back to next month, it was meant to be up last year in December, but i pushed it back to January and now iv'e had to push it back to February. Iv'e had enough of it and i want it finished by this month! So do you guys have any ideas about season 2 episode 1 scene 1 i would love to hear it????

So any ideas???

Hope you are all having a great day :)