1. C

    Interactive Game Series

    Ahoy all. I have once again got an epic idea. I am gonna start a new game series in 2016 and it will be a dang special one. One where the viewer decides whats going on, at the end of each episode (which will end with a cliffhanger) the viewers can comment and tweet what they would like to see...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 6 "Christmas Guy"

    Peter has forever been a Christmas guy, whilst Dave is more of a Scrooge-like character. Will Peter be successful and change Dave's perception in this Christmas Special? So Christmas is here :D and my friend Callan Wills decided to do a Christmas seekers special! Hope you like this video if...
  3. Te-Erika

    How to Disable All Youtube Comment Notifications

    I feel like I've become a slave to my Youtube comments. Each one sends a notification to my tablet and in my Google Plus little bell notification thing and I feel compelled to click. I would like to turn of ALL Notifications so that I have to check manually just to see if I have new comments...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    Any good editing software out there?

    Hello im Pierre, :) and i need your help. Im trying to look for a good quality editing software video like, Sony Vegas pro because I am making gaming videos now and they are long! So i would just like to know some suggestions on what other editing software's are there. Any suggestions people! :)
  5. Pierre Maynard

    Should i improve my channel?

    So hey everyone, :) I would just like to know if you all think, I should improve on my channel a little bit more. My channel has grown so much over the past year I've had ups and downs about it, but it has improved so much more now. I used to just play guitar and then upload it on YouTube, Now...
  6. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 5 "Get A Job"

    Peter has nightmares about getting a job, due to the amount of hard work that has to be put in. He wakes up to find out his nightmare becomes reality. The Seekers is back once again, and even funnier this time. Let me know in the comments what you though of this Video I would really Appreciate...
  7. K

    How do I get more views on my channel?

    I've been trying to make awesome content for the limited time I have to make videos with school and basketball on my main channel. The problem is, no one in my school likes my channel. I want people to comment on my videos, but mainly just watch my videos for a long time. What am I doing...
  8. Dan18

    200 VIEWS!! :D

    Hey guys whats up?! :) So a couple of days ago i made a post about having 100 views, a couple of days later im now already at 200 views! :) Again probably not as much as others but im definitely happy! I didnt think id have an extra 100 views in a matter of days! :) thanks to everyone who...
  9. Michael Lunatic

    Hisssss Comments?! Reptiles taking over?!

    So I've come across quite a few comments on popular videos like ETC on Machinima for example Where everyone is Hisssing like Snakes and Claiming the Reptiles are taking over or something. I dunno lol... But yeah it's appearing on other videos and channels now aswell and Didn't know if I'm...