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Welcome to the story of my managerial career, re-booted. This is the start of the story, in which I went from job seeker to start my professional managerial career with that of League 1 side, Southend United.

After their promotion from League 2 in the 2014/15 season, Southend United had caught my eyes, in fact, a few people, friends and related, even had their support for the seasiders. What made things more interesting was when the manager left. Several weeks passed by, and no other professional manager fowarded themselves for the job. This is where I attempted to get my opportunity.

A week passed, and I actually had my application accepted. The chance to become employed was almost imminent for me.It would eventually turn out to be my first full-time job, and it was in the world of football managers with a third tier english club.

Follow me on this journey, as I attempt to make the future of Southend bigger than Gervinho's forehead.

Sorry for taking so long to upload a new video, i have been having problems with it but anyways.

Hope you like it! :D

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awesome mate well done great vid

Cheers mate :D Callan was the one who edited it all he should get more credit :) plus now my views used to be 60 now it's gone down to 30 well p****d off about that[DOUBLEPOST=1466612256,1466612196][/DOUBLEPOST]
Wow so many tags it's beautiful
All good it takes me long to upload a video as well
Nice video brotha fun intro

thanks G-man :D Callan was the one who edited the video i just uploaded it on my channel, but my next video however will be my own work :)