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  2. Stoner Gamer


    New video on my channel Check it out Leave a thumbs up Comment Subscribe
  3. TRBS

    Starting out and could use feedback from you (small channel)

    Hi YTTalk people, we just recently published our 5th video on the channel and I wanted to ask for some feedback on a few things. There's a couple videos on the channel that are basically skits about soccer. Are those good/funny? Should we keep making that kind of video or do other stuff? Most...
  4. Jared Van Houten

    Which Player should I do?

    Hey y'all. Thinking about making a soccer montage and can't figure out which player I want to make an edit of. Any suggestions. Was thinking Mohammad Salah.
  5. George Hudson


    So uploaded a new video today, really happy with edit on this one! Let me know what you think!
  6. Heizenblog

    Football Manager 2018 - Episode 015

    I'm really enjoying doing this series and now up to episode 15, please check it out and let me know what you thinl.
  7. Heizenblog

    Football Manager 2018 - Episode 13 - Season 2

    Check out the start of season 2 and let me know what you think.
  8. Heizenblog

    Football Manager 2018 - Episode 010

    Football Manager 2018, episode 010 is now available, check it out and let me know what you think.
  9. SoccerBrosTv

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone wants to Collab doing Soccer Challenges?

    SoccerBrosTv are looking for people to collab with in the South Florida area. I think it will help both if we collab with other. We Soccer challenges w/ punishment. Will anyone be down to join in?
  10. SoccerBrosTv

    Please help!

    We need new ideas for our Soccer YouTube challenges! What can we do? What punishment can we do to get views? Please help us out!!
  11. SoccerBrosTv

    Other Interviews/Podcast? Soccer Collabs in South Florida?

    Hello are there anyone who is still doing podcast or interviewing small youtube channel? SoccerBrosTv is at 1K subs and 2K total views in one month. Anyone wants to be in our video from South Florida?
  12. SoccerBrosTv

    NEED IDEAS...!!!

    Hey, SoccerBrosTv needs some cool ideas and punishment for next couple videos!!! Any soccer challenges (Not difficult) that'll get us views and subs? Also, we where thinking changing our channel around doing some random challenges other than soccer! Please help us out!!
  13. SoccerBrosTv

    1K Special Q & A (Need some questions)

    Hey guys! I have channel called "SoccerBrosTv" and we doing a 1K special Q & A. I need some help with questions! Post your question or you'll also be featured a shout out as well!
  14. KaizzyB


    Want an awesome new English Premier League podcast? I have your answer! EPL Weekly is an iTunes podcast where KaizzyB and Dennis break down everything that is happening in the EPL each week, we cover stats, transfer rumours, full match recaps, goal of the week, basically everything you can think...
  15. Jo Barry

    30+ subscribers!

    What's up everyone! I just got to over 30 subs! Thanks for the support! I hope to keep growing!
  16. KaizzyB


    Me and my Brothers went head to head in FIFA! Was a really close game, but who won? #letsplay #fifa
  17. world_class_footballer

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom DARK LIGHTNING PACK Review - NEW DECEMBER 2016 -

    I've uploaded a new football boot (cleat) review video and would love for it get more exposure. Please take 5 minutes to check it out. I'd greatly appreciate it and feel free to like, subscribe, and comment if you'd like. Also, if you could share the video as well would mean a lot to me because...
  18. Dribbling Excadrill

    Commentary Looking to do a Collab

    Hey guys, I am looking to do a commentary Collab with 1 or more people outside of my subscriber range. Currently have 25 subscribers and want to get myself out to a bigger audience. Video topics can include but aren't limited to -Politics -Sports (Football/soccer, American Football...
  19. SeanFace101

    Celtic FC Players Celebrate After 5 - 1 Win Over Rangers FC

    Celtic (5) vs (1) Rangers Players Celebrate After Great Win! Paradise, Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland,UK.
  20. P

    Other Soccer Colab

    I am a small channel looking for people to grow with making soccer challenge videos. We do not have to actually meet to make challenges. I also have a group who are willing to join in just figured getting someone else would be good.
  21. world_class_footballer

    Gareth Bale Skills and Goals 2016 Highlight Video

    Hey everyone! I've posted a new video and I would like for it to get more exposure. Please check it out and comment on YouTube and let me know what you think. And if you're feeling generous... maybe even subscribe. Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy the video.
  22. SeanFace101

    Crowd View of Celtic FC v Arsenal FC in the Emirates Cup

    Celtic FC v Arsenal FC - Emirates Cup .... with Me and my friend Mark! :D
  23. Enes


    What is up guys! My name is Enes but on Youtube I am known as Ency32.I have started this so called Youtube carrer about a week ago and in a few days I got 5 subs that means a lot to me and hopefully you guys could check out my content I think you will like it.Also I am looking for people to...
  24. Dv7FutboldHD

    How could I better

    Hello everyone, I make quality sports videos on my youtube channel. I have started my channel 2 weeks ago. I already have 800 views and 36 subscribers. Is there anything i should improve in. Thank you and feel free to ask for a review on your channel after you have reviewed mine. I use sony...
  25. SeanFace101

    Celtic & Rangers Teams Coming Out And Celtic Huddle

    Celtic vs The Rangers - Teams Coming Out And Celtic Huddle (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) 2015 This video is of both teams coming out in the Celtic vs The Rangers Scottish Cup Semi-Final at Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland.. Also watch Celtic do the Huddle. We comfortably went on to win this match...
  26. Dv7FutboldHD

    I need some feedback i will do the same :)

    I am a soccer editor on youtube. I started yesterday and my first video is up, i am currently uploading my second. I want to build some support and also help the people supporting me. Let me know what you think of my video and I will also rate your content :). Thanks My newest video is up tell...
  27. Cam Kirkham


    Hi everyone this is my first vid. Recently hit over 1000 views in just 4 days! Check it out and tell me what you think! Took me about 4 sleepless nights to edit and get it up! Good luck with your channels!
  28. Pierre Maynard


    Welcome to the story of my managerial career, re-booted. This is the start of the story, in which I went from job seeker to start my professional managerial career with that of League 1 side, Southend United. After their promotion from League 2 in the 2014/15 season, Southend United had caught...
  29. Zach S.

    Ultimate YouTuber Crossbar Challenge 2016 || Ft. HypoHutch

    Description : Hello everybody and welcome to the Ultimate YouTuber CrossBar Challenge 2016 Featuring : HypoHutch!!! HypoHutch is a personal friend of mine and we decided to make a challenge video on each other's channel. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe to him right after you...
  30. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road to Glory Career Mode Season 3 Episode 7 - LATE FA CUP DRAMA!

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road To Glory Career Mode! After the mixed back of results in the last episode we look to begin to get some sort of consistancy together with games against Blackburn & Ipswich Town and we also look to kick on in the FA Cup when we face our first premier...