Starting out and could use feedback from you (small channel)


Hi YTTalk people, we just recently published our 5th video on the channel and I wanted to ask for some feedback on a few things.
  • There's a couple videos on the channel that are basically skits about soccer. Are those good/funny? Should we keep making that kind of video or do other stuff?
  • Most of or videos are about 2-3 minutes long, except for one 8 min one. What's the best length for videos? How long/short would a video be to make you not want to watch it?
  • A main editing style in the videos is to have some talking but mostly background music for audio. Should we stick with the music or go for more talking?
  • It's been a while since I made the channel art and icons and stuff. Is the branding ok? Should the thumbnails have a different style or are they ok?
Thanks for reading all that, don't feel the need to respond to every single question. Just looking for feedback.
Just browsed your channel. Watched the long 8min one. I was very engaged the first 3 minutes and like the enthusiasm. One thing I recommend is maybe adding stuff in between because if you continue to do similar things throughout the video the audience may not be able to feel attentive. The content could still be good, but needs to stand out still.I like the editing a lot! I just didn't like the background penalty sound. I like how it is genuine overall, but for those videos I recommend keeping them shorter.