1. M

    Other Nice snooker shots #1

    A collection of beautiful snooker shots in various competitions Please subscribe to the MPB YouTube channel to support me Don't forget to like and comment, best for you
  2. hirarani1122


    CALL GIRLS DEIRA DUBAI 0558712910 INDIAN CALL GIRLS |+971=558712910/ ONLY OUT CALL GIRLS BEST CALL GIRLS 24 HOUR SERVICE INDIAN CALL GIRLS #PAKISTANI CALL GIRLS#TAMIL CALL GIRLS #MALU CALL GIRLS DUBAI# Hot Call Girls in Dubai +971558712910 Call for bookings escorts in dubai. We've a big...
  3. AverageBrino


  4. AverageBrino


  5. J

    Youtube Help!

    Hey, guys! I have a youtube channel and I'm trying to grow it. Any ideas on how to grow my channel? Any suggestions? Thank you for your support! See ya! ESPAÇO!!
  6. O

    Animation Let's collab!

    I'm 15 years old and wanted to collab. My channel is very small (11 subs) so I'll be happy to collab with anyone. I'm a fan of the Sidemen (English group fo Youtubers). If you are too, we could maybe create an animation of their life story/journey. I'd be happy to animate something about...
  7. Jayden Garcia


    NEW upload on my Youtube channel. This was a pretty insane game of NBA 2k19. I really enjoyed the prelude and I can not wait until it comes out on the 11th. I post a variety of games, so if you are interested go give my video a chance. Drop a like on it and subscribe if you haven't already...
  8. TRBS

    Starting out and could use feedback from you (small channel)

    Hi YTTalk people, we just recently published our 5th video on the channel and I wanted to ask for some feedback on a few things. There's a couple videos on the channel that are basically skits about soccer. Are those good/funny? Should we keep making that kind of video or do other stuff? Most...
  9. Less Dank


    leave comments and all dat.. ya'll know whats good
  10. Ocean Chan

    What happens when an egg is cracked underwater at 12m

    Hi everyone, I run a recreational freediving showcasing different dive sites in Sydney and also the different marine life there. In my latest video, which I posted last week, I thought I might recreate an experiment with an egg, cracking it under at 12m, to show the effects of water...
  11. Dutchie Abroad

    HEMA Test Cutting! || Slicing things with sharp swords!

    Hello everyone!~ For the past 3 years I've been doing an amazing martial arts sports called Historical European Martial Arts. It's not very well known yet, but we are growing every year. A little while ago I visited the School of Historical Combat in Birmingham to attend a session of test...
  12. SoccerBrosTv

    1,000 Sub and 2K views in ONE MONTH

    We just hit 1K subs and 2K total views in one month!
  13. SoccerBrosTv

    1K Special Q & A (Need some questions)

    Hey guys! I have channel called "SoccerBrosTv" and we doing a 1K special Q & A. I need some help with questions! Post your question or you'll also be featured a shout out as well!
  14. Brito21

    Gaming NBA 2K

    my channel is mostly comedy skits and about basketball but im going to start uploading nba 2k17 videos. anyone want to collab...
  15. Brito21

    Basketball is Life!

    Lavar ball said he can beat michael jordan 1v1 but the real question is if he can beat me? Watch my highlight reel to find out. NBA 2k18 and FIFA 18 with cristiano ronaldo about to come out so in this video i put in work lol. Does Eric Brito have what it takes to to make the roster out of summer...
  16. Heather White

    Full Body HIIT Workout With Dumbbells

    Hey, guys! So, if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the gym, this workout is for you. Grab a set of dumbbells and give this total body HIIT cardio workout a try. If you have just 10-20 minutes a day, you can start creating a healthier and happier life. If you love this workout and want...
  17. Wheelzy

    Other Sports Youtuber looking for Collab!

    I have recently decided to get into filming sports challenges etc, like crossbar, trick shots etc! Anyone looking to collab just reply below! Based in London or Eastbourne/Brighton.
  18. SeanFace101

    Jason Moore Playing Paul Howie in the Final

    Darts Tournament - Jason Moore vs Paul Howie in Final - Leg 7
  19. SeanFace101

    Great Grant Checking Out For 3rd Place!

    Darts Tournament - Grant Conway Checking Out To Win 3rd Place Play-off
  20. SeanFace101

    Some Practise Throws by Grant Conway & Scott Hastie!

    Darts Tournament - Grant Conway & Scott Hastie Practise Throws
  21. Heather White

    Full Body Plank Workout

    Tone your arms, legs, back, and core muscles with this awesome full body plank exercise for beginners! More helpful fitness workouts and tips on my channel. Subscribe if you want more, more, more!!!! :bounce: Full Body Plank Exercise
  22. SeanFace101

    Big Money for Big Winners at The Darts!

    Darts Tournament Prize Money Getting Collected..
  23. SeanFace101

    Going Mental When The Darts End!

    Grant Going Mental When Paul Wins The Darts Tournament...
  24. Jukes of Hazard

    Which point of view do you like better?

    I play sports with my GoPro Hero 5 black. I am wondering if the footage is easy to follow given the first person view or if I should shoot more videos from a different perspective, One thing that makes the first person video's unique is that it gives you a little insight into what I see...
  25. Jukes of Hazard

    100 Subscribers and 3,700 views in my first month

    I joined Youtube exactly a month ago today! I have had so much fun filming and editing my sports videos with my GoPro and people seem to be enjoying the content too! Thanks for reading!
  26. SeanFace101

    Paul Howie Wins At Darts In The 8th Leg

    Darts Tournament - Paul Howie Wins Tournament In 8th Leg...