Looking for Feedback on my Channel - Photography

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for some feedback on my recent videos and channel.

Before I create a new video I want to make sure that I have most of my points covered.

So far I have -
  • The issue with sound, people no hearing me talking
  • Poor lighting in some videos
  • video thumbnails lack that boldness.

I'm really looking forward to your comments and hearing your views . :)
Hey, cool channel so far! I took a look at your Top 12 Tips for Landscape Photography. The information is great! The only thing I would suggest is that when you're talking about the tips, you can try cutting away to you actually performing those tips with you talking in the background. Something similar to what you did at 4:47 in the video but even more hands-on, such as you actually setting the camera or setting the shot. That will allow people to see what you're talking about instead of just hearing it from you, even though your descriptions are pretty clear.

Love the two angle shot by the way. Of course, as you said, the lighting can be better, especially the front facing camera. I thought the sound was fine for the most part. Maybe add some very low tone background music? Probably won't need it at all but it might be worth the shot.

Keep it up and best wishes!