1. S

    My New Photography Vlog Channel !!

    Hello guys, my name is Srinadh and I started a new channel where I make stories with photos I’m taking in my daily life! Check it out
  2. rachellerch

    Vlog Photographer, Artist, Videographer wanted for collab (long distance will work)

    I'm a photography adventure vlogger and I'm looking for another channel to collab on a creative challenge series. It will be a short series of videos (or even just 1 video) where we will choose a topic/place/adventure and come up with out creative interpretation of it: For example, the topic may...
  3. Jenni Nexus

    Just reached 4000!

    Woo hoo! Growing, slowly but surely. Over the last 5 years I've gradually put out different kinds of videos on my YouTube channels, only recently breaking a new record of 4K subscribers on my main YouTube channel. Been focusing on live-streaming moreso lately, and my 3d art, as opposed to the...
  4. Scott Bowes

    How to take long exposure shots with a Smart Phone

    Hey every I recently made this video on how to take long exposure shots with a smart phone, I used a Samsung Galaxy S7 but as far as I know you can use other smart phones... Please let me know what you think, looking for feedback on how to improve my videos
  5. Charles Boston

    Vlog Looking for partners in Hampton Roads, D.C. Area

    Hows it going everyone, I'm Codi... I'm currently in the U.S. Air Force stationed just north of Virginia Beach. My entire life I've wanted to start a youtube channel with videos of my life and its adventures. The military is just a short stepping stone in my life to get me where I want to be...
  6. fadder8

    The rule of thirds explained

  7. fadder8

    Rule of thirds compositional technique explained

  8. fadder8

    DSLR metering modes explained!

  9. Hendrik Kapp

    Steve McCurry`s Camera Gear

  10. Hendrik Kapp

    Other Looking for someone to collab with!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to collaborate with. I run a photography channel where I talk about how you can start your own photography or videography career. I need someone who can help me point out some valid tips on 10 things every amateur photographer needs to know before...
  11. TreesandTravels

    Travel/Nature/Adventure Channel

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting in the videos forum! Anyway, my channel is a little bit of a mixture between a travel/nature vlog and informational stuff. I'm still pretty new to YouTube, starting (officially) only about 3 months ago. I have a corresponding blog as well. Here's the...
  12. Xexor

    Short Film Background Series on Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    I have mostly put together the first video of a series that is meant to elaborate on the full story of Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I estimate the series will be 4 or 5 videos. I have managed music, scripting, fact checking, narration, and final video production. Keep in mind that...
  13. HandsomeNature14

    Need more nature in your life? HD

    I created "Handsome Nature" for those who don't get a chance to experience the beauty of Nature as often as they would like. Featuring High Definition Lakes, Rivers, Fields and Forests. Waterfalls, Canoe trips, Oceans, Sunrises and all things green. Our scenes help people relax, sleep...
  14. Anthony Cooper

    Looking for Feedback on my Channel - Photography

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for some feedback on my recent videos and channel. Before I create a new video I want to make sure that I have most of my points covered. So far I have - The issue with sound, people no hearing me talking Poor lighting in some videos video thumbnails lack that...
  15. D

    Vlog Looking For BROADWAY Fans & PHOTOGRAPHERS

    Hey! I'm Danni. I just started up my YouTube a month ago and am looking for other YouTubers to connect with. My channel focuses mostly on photography tutorials, but I also vlog about makeup, costumes, etc. I'm a Broadway fan, and am hoping to find others who are into Broadway or photography!
  16. kimkewl

    Music and vlogs? Hello yttalk :D

    Hey guys! I make some guitar videos, and I also really into travel videos/ vlogging, and make videos of happenings and of me taking photography and stuff.. abit varied content, but can you dig it tho? ;P I would love both feedback and to conect with people who do the same kind of content...
  17. smileyfungi

    Decent Camera For Youtube? (Under £120)

    I am an aspiring youtuber and my iphone 5 recently broke. Untill I get a new one (a long time) I need a camera. I am not looking to spend too much money. I bought a camera earlier back for about £40 and it had ok 720p quality but horrendous grainy footage it was almost impossible to use. Any...