Vlog Photographer, Artist, Videographer wanted for collab (long distance will work)

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Feb 8, 2018
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I'm a photography adventure vlogger and I'm looking for another channel to collab on a creative challenge series. It will be a short series of videos (or even just 1 video) where we will choose a topic/place/adventure and come up with out creative interpretation of it: For example, the topic may be "waterfall" and each YouTuber will vlog how they find a waterfall and create an artistic interpetation - so if you are a photographer, take a beautiful image or if you are an artist, make a painting. I'd like the vlogger to be willing to show not only the final image but the process in how they got there, and show both channel's results side by side at the reveal portion near the end. My requirement is this: the vlog must be something that encourages people in their creative pursuits and joy for what they do. Only clean material and must have positive vibe.

I'm very happy to do a long distance collab. I live in Canada. My channel currently has 204 subscribers and 12,774 views. I wish this project to bring exposure and positivity to both channels. Looking to collab with someone who has 200 or more subscribers.

Only people with serious interest please. You can message me or respond here and then we can discuss further. Looking forward to it! :)
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