Short Film Background Series on Amnesia: The Dark Descent


I have mostly put together the first video of a series that is meant to elaborate on the full story of Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I estimate the series will be 4 or 5 videos. I have managed music, scripting, fact checking, narration, and final video production.

Keep in mind that this and the next video will use the most contributions from anyone participating. The third video will use probably half to two-thirds as much, and the last videos will use footage from the game almost exclusively.

What I still need:
  • Any of the following artistic portrayals:
    • Painting (color): Daniel (aged 8)
    • Painting (color): Daniel (aged 15) at the bedside of Hazel (aged 11)*
    • Drawing (greyscale): Hazel (aged 15) saying goodbye to Daniel (aged 19) as he leaves for Algeria
    • Painting (greyscale): Henry Bedloe (aged 12), portrait
    • Painting (greyscale): Daniel (aged 12) holding a rock, his expression as if he finally cracked under Henry's bullying
    • Drawing (color): Henry Bedloe (aged 12) falling to the ground, other kids pointing, laughing, or shocked, and Daniel (still aged 12) holding the rock in his hand
    • Drawing (color), ×2: Playground kids dancing and celebrating
    • Painting (greyscale): Hazel (aged 8), either peering out from a hiding place or holding her hands over her mouth and nose, as if stifling her voice
    • Drawing (greyscale): Daniel's father (aged 50)*, in a suit and seated on a chair, sternly looking at the person seeing the picture
  • Actors playing the part of Daniel of Mayfair (in cosplay), in the following scenes:
    • Daniel (aged 12), scared (of his father), looking just above the top of the camera
    • Daniel (aged 19), leaving home (shutting a door behind him)
    • Daniel (aged 19), walking in good weather, reaching out, and shaking Professor Herbert's hand — this could be almost anywhere, although by docks with old ships would be ideal (I imagine this would be hard to pull off, though)

*This is an assumption; if someone knows the actual age, please tell me, but as far as I know the game, secret files, etc., never tell this character's age difference compared with Daniel.

I have stand-ins if I don't get some of these. Keep in mind that these are preferences only; there is always room for compromise. Also, remember that the year range is from about 1824 (Daniel at 8 years old) to 1835 (Daniel at about 19), so clothing and background should approximate that time period.

Although photography didn't exist back then, photos would also work for any of these. Keep in mind, though, that for continuity photographs of the same characters at the same ages should use the same models. (In other words, if you do one, you're volunteering to do all for the same age of that character.)

What you will get in return:
  • Credits at the end of the video where your material appears
  • "Special thanks" at the end of all videos in the series (I'm guessing about 4 or 5 of these)
  • A link in the description for each video of the series, pointing to your channel
  • An annotation link at the end of the video where your material appears, pointing to your channel
  • A future collaboration with you on a project of your choosing; I am quite busy but can make time to help you out with a project of your own
I know this is a lot, but keep in mind that these are items I can (and ideally, would) include, not necessary what I need for the video to actually be completed. The only ones I feel I definitely need are indicated with a green dagger () symbol.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who is able to collab on this.
You should probably bring some Actors for Daniel, so that way, they look pretty much the same.
I'm not sure what you mean by "bring" actors for Daniel, but I was planning on talking with whomever over pm and seeing how much availability they had. Ideally, they would be around for all videos in the series. And a younger Daniel would not be the same actor as an adult Daniel, of course.