1. FIona Art

    Just pour with Fiona

    This awesome Rainbow star I did with reverse flower dip with paper napkin. Waw... I'm still dancing happy dance, because I really LOVE this painting. I was trying to get this look for a while now.... every time I was closer and this time I finally did it. :D Colours: - black - titanium white +...
  2. KQ4rt

    New painting and music!!!

    Hey guys! I have been so busy with uni lately (literally had 1 hour sleep for a few days :confused:) but I finally managed to finish another speed painting video! This painting is inspired by Vexento's amazing music. I listened to his music while painting this and decided to put that as my...
  3. Xexor

    Short Film Background Series on Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    I have mostly put together the first video of a series that is meant to elaborate on the full story of Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I estimate the series will be 4 or 5 videos. I have managed music, scripting, fact checking, narration, and final video production. Keep in mind that...
  4. KQ4rt

    Opinions on my Art Channel :)

    Hi everyone! I've started my Art Channel since October 2015 and began to make video on December 2015. Most of my videos are about speed painting. I tried to make some other videos like Game related Fanart, Stream moments and recently I'm doing an animation series as well. I would love to hear...
  5. KQ4rt

    My Art Channel

    Hey guys come check out my channel and I appreciate all feedback I can have please :) I do digital painting on Photoshop. Using OBS to record and Premiere to edit :) Have a good day!
  6. athomepaintnight

    Artify 12 Piece Paint Brush Set Review

    Hello Everyone, Hoping to get some really honesty feedback on anything I can do to improve my videos. This is a video where I do a review of the Artify Brush Set that I recently purchased. Thank you for the help, Andrew
  7. EricaCunningham

    Beauty/Makeup Face/Body Paint Collab

    Hey, everyone! I'm new to the forums, and my channel is still pretty small (under 200 subs still). I was wondering if anyone here does face/body painting and would like to work together. Divine MissE on YouTube, feel free to message me or content here if you're interested!
  8. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Haunted Paintings

    This is my list of ten of the most haunted paintings!
  9. Xexor

    Gaming Paintings and Drawings Desired

    In addition to other projects I'm working on, I would like to do biographies / lore on various games and their characters. Although these often will include in-game footage as well, I would like to include painting stills at various parts scattered around the videos. I am myself, however, not...
  10. S

    Art channel

    Hi everyone, I just started this Art channel two days ago. I wonder what you guys think of it. Also, how do you get people to even watch your vids? LINK: Thank you so much