Do you allow comments on your video with/without approval first?


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Do you allow your viewers to comment on your videos without needing you to approve the comments first before other people can see them? or Do you just allow the comments to be shown straight away as soon as they have been made?
I don't have time to approve every comment. I've found most problematic comments get caught by spam filters, and a few checks into the Community area of my channel is all it takes to remove anything that I find too objectionable. Mostly, people behave themselves.
I approve all my comments I won't stop anyone's freedom of speech I just don't want sub4sub comments which is the only reason I won't approve a comment
Mine are set so that I need to approve them first, but so far I haven't had to delete any instead of approving them, so was thinking I might just let them appear soon as they are posted. :p Do I have to change the settings of each of my videos individually? or is there a setting so I can just change all my videos to allow comments without approval?
Hi! ^^ I've moved this thread to the Strategies & Technique Advice Forum. =)

I allow people to post without approval. I get some hater comments, but a lot of the other viewers call them out on it, and it's fairly easy to delete if it's a bit too much.
I think years ago when I set my channel up I must have choose to set it too approve comments first, and just never changed it from them lol. :p Going to now tho, was wanting to know what others on here think and all seems to be for allowing comments to show without approval first. :p

PS: @KatyAdelson - Sorry for posting it in the wrong forum, wasn't sure which it belonged in lol. :p
@SeanFace101 No problem! =) TBH, I was a bit on the fence about where this goes too... lol! :p I could see it going okay in both the main YT forum, and the technique/strategy forum, but I think it ultimately is more like a thread about YouTube strategies/techniques rather than YouTube gossip stuff. ^^