Nasty Comments..

So.. here lately we have been getting some really nasty comments.. some from younger kids.. Some say our videos are cringey.. some say the boys are stupid (this one really bothers me).. some even say they wish they could die after seeing this.. has anyone else experienced this? I have a few times made mean comments back.. but I know that isn't the way to handle things. Most of the time I report it.. I was thinking about disabling comments... Thoughts?
One tip dont let the haters win by disabling comments..easily just ban them from your channel and continue.(Edit just actually checked out your how can anyone hate on those videos.....the kid seems adorable reminds me of my nephew aha keep going i am sure the content would entertain my nephew)
I am so sorry to hear that. Your boys are so cute! I'm sure it happens to all kids channel with kids sadly. We gets mean comments all the time. It was so bad that we had to set to approve comments on new videos. I understand we can't help but take it personality when people make comments directly at our kids. The above user it right thou, don't let the haters win! In the kids world, I don't believe user engagement counts that much so you could disable comments and your videos still could potentially do well. However we do have to try and develop a thick skin if we want to make it in this digital world!
I have certain words and phrases blacklisted.
Everyone who posts some type of content online gets trolls (or haters, whatever you want to call it), eventually. Some people just live to be rude online. I say do as mentioned above and ban those people from commenting on your channel. Everyone online has experienced this at least once in some form. It's inevitable, but you can take preventative measures so it's less likely to happen in the future (despite having certain words and phrases blacklisted, the comments have slipped through, so I'll have to find workarounds of my own).

Unfortunate, but it does happen to everyone. Ban certain words and phrases, make it so you have to approve comments (as mentioned above), do what's best for you.
This is probably an unpopular opinion, and maybe I'm just a horrible masochist, but I always (on all the channels I've had) looked forward to getting my first mindless hate comment. As though by annoying someone so much, with no intention to, and with no logical reason for them to be offended, it's sort of a sign that you'd made it. (If that makes sense). I can see how it'd be distressing with them making fun of your kids though, I suppose it's just a lot easier for me to accept it on my channel since it's just me.
Yes we get some really nasty comments. At first it really bothered me, but you do need to grow a thick skin doing this type of thing.

The best thing i found to do is to go to the community section of your video manager and under community settings you can set the filters with whatever words you want (we use this for other words other than hateful words, too, to keep our community more friendly. Just keep adding whatever words keep popping up that do not create the type of atmosphere you would want on your videos). This will hold any comments containing those words for review. I still add new words all the time as inventive kids use words i haven't thought of.

If the user is really hateful or just creepy (we've had those, too), I block them entirely.
I'd just ignore them and not do anything. I know it gets more personal when it's your kids but as has already been mentioned you need to develop thick skin. Blocking the accounts or deleting the comments can sometimes just encourage more haters and trolls in your comments because they can see that what they're saying is getting through to you and hurting you and that's what they want so don't give them the satisfaction of letting them see you hurt by their comments. I also wouldn't disable comments altogether because if people really want to send you hate they will send you hate and disabling comments won't stop that, it will just mean that they will pursue other avenues to reach you i.e. your other socials. If it was me I wouldn't even waste my energy on them, instead I'd spend my time looking at and responding to other comments which are actually worth your time
I don't know how anyone can say that especially to children if I was you I would keep the comments on just don't let your children read them you can Filter out what you don't want in comment section just go to you video manager and type what word you don't want in the comment section!