Comments Not Appearing on Other Vids


Hi, my problem is that i my comments don't show on other videos.

When i am logged in my comment appears but when i check again logged out, it does not. I have checked many times over the course of the last two weeks.

My account account is pretty old. I haven't spammed. I don't post often (1-4 comments/week), no links or try to promote my own channel.

Just regular comments.
"1:02 - did you see the kitty in the window", ...

I have watched all the videos and tried everything I can think of. G+ settings, YT privacy, hiding accounts and then making it public again,...

It seems like my comments are being "ghosted". Do anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.
Maybe your comments are getting mistaken for spam, some of my subscribers comments ended up going into the spam section even though it wasn't spam, so I had to go into the spam section and approve the comment that wasn't spam.