comments disappearing

  1. OpiumSymposium

    Comments unavailable

    I encountered a strange problem today. I received two comments on my videos today and while I can read them in the notifications I am unable to see them once I click on the notification, nor reply to them. The comments appear neither on my videos nor in my YT Studio app. I tried loging into my...
  2. M

    Comments that appear in my notifications (bell), sometimes do not appear in my videos / disappear! (Anyone else had this issue?)

    When viewing comments using the notification bell, I can see the comment - but when I come to click on it to reply (the new feature that let's you reply within the notification box) it just comes up with an empty box. I also then try to view it on the YouTube video itself, it's not there. I...
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019 // Need to enable comments, disable comments on your YouTube video? Maybe you want to stop comments for a while turn on comments to let people give you feedback. How To Disable Comments on YouTube - The youtube comment section can...
  4. UnboxingSve

    Cannot post links into comments sections on my own videos!

    Hello, I don`t get it, but youtube automatically removes all my comments on MY OWN videos that contain links. For example, I post a new video about a review of some product and post the comment below with the affiliate link if the viewers like that product to order it, and that comments are...
  5. VRONA

    Comments Not Showing Up In "Held for Reviews"

    So this strange thing has come up on my channel: The total number of comments on the video this invisible one has commented on also counts this one. Is it a bug?
  6. S

    Comments Not Appearing on Other Vids

    Hi, my problem is that i my comments don't show on other videos. When i am logged in my comment appears but when i check again logged out, it does not. I have checked many times over the course of the last two weeks. My account account is pretty old. I haven't spammed. I don't post often (1-4...
  7. C

    Others' comments not showing

    On one of my videos I got notifications about new comments in the YouTube app, but on the video page the comments don't show, athough the comments number suggests the comments should be there. Additionally, I notice that some video likes show in the YouTube app but not elsewhere. The channels...
  8. SimpleAnnalisa

    Reply to comments disappearing

    Good Morning YTtalk! Is the following happening to anyone else: I do my best to reply to every single comment posted on my channel/videos. When I looked today because I was looking for a reply I wrote...ALL OF MY REPLY to each comment are GONE! Does anyone know why, or is experiencing a...