Cannot post links into comments sections on my own videos!


Loving YTtalk
I don`t get it, but youtube automatically removes all my comments on MY OWN videos that contain links. For example, I post a new video about a review of some product and post the comment below with the affiliate link if the viewers like that product to order it, and that comments are always removed. They are not in the spam section or waiting for approval, I checked there also, they just disappear.
The links in the description of the video stay, that is fine, but most of the viewers do not read the description but read comment section that is I want my links to be also in comment sections. Any idea why these comments with links are disappearing? It started to happen recently.
I have blacklisted comments with any links, they go for approval (by me) from all users. However, mine as admin comments are not going there at all, they just completely disappear. And this rule for comments with links I had since I opened my channel and it did not affect my comments with links since I am owner of the channel. But recently this problem started and I did not create any additional rules.

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