How to answer comments much faster and generate more engagement

Florian Walther

New Member
My own channel Coding in Flow has 201k subscribers today. A big part of that growth is due to me answering a lot of comments and this way creating a loyal fanbase and generating more engagement.

Since I am a programmer, I'm constantly looking for ways to make my workflow easier and more efficient.

I was always annoyed that I have to click so many buttons (reply, heart, like, read more, ...) in order to engage with comments on my channel. That's why I've built a tool that lets me do all of this without having to use my mouse, using only the keyboard.

I've released this tool as a Chrome extension. You can install it for free. I hope it helps you as well. I'm open to any feedback and I have some plans for additional features (like canned responses and AI-generated responses).

Thank you for providing me with this tool, which has significantly improved how I engage with my followers. I hope your channel continues to flourish.
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