1. Connor's Corner

    How to search and filter YT Videos by channel size and views criteria

    Hi. I'm trying to find a specific sized channel to look for potential collaborators. To make it equitable, I want to find a channel with under 500 subscribers or with video views that average under 2,000. I don't see the ability to do that in YouTube with their filters. Is there a plugin or...
  2. Ampix0

    What tools are you using?

    I am looking for a tool to do a specific job, but I figured i'll ask... What online tools are you using to assist your youtube career? I use Tubebuddy, obviously. I think most of us do. What else?
  3. zaiful

    Tools to Record Music with Audacity

    one software tool "Audacity" is very suitable for our use royalty free music, which can not be downloaded. Maybe some people no one knows about this software. You can search on google :D
  4. Failproductions


    What are the best tools for youtube creaters? Such as forums (YTTalk), statistics websites, keyword tools, ect... What do you guys use? And what helps you the most? (tool wise)
TubeBuddy Easy to use and install.