Searching for advice on Watch time vs Subs.


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Hello guys,

Have anyone experienced or is at the same moment I am?
My channel is really close to getting the 4.000 watch time hours, but on the other hand, it is a bit short on subs.
I am reaching out for advice from anyone that has been in the same situation or if I am doing something wrong or just to know if it is normal.

I have gone through and implemented most of the suggestions you find out there to incentivize subscriptions, so I am a bit out of ideas. :)

Thanks for the help!
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Hi, channel looking active,.,.., the subs # hidden? cant really tell if im in similar situation with 200+ subs but there is a lot of important/helpful information on this forum

I did start with games too (videos still there lol) but then switched to videography topic so never got into the strategy of what works with game videos :/
hi MirrorlessNY, I am at 233 subs. I did look for some info at the forum about this moment, couldn't find anything directly related.