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  1. U

    Gossip With +971529238486 Abu Dhabi Call Girls Staff

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  2. The_Partisan_Spy

    Searching for advice on Watch time vs Subs.

    Hello guys, Have anyone experienced or is at the same moment I am? My channel is really close to getting the 4.000 watch time hours, but on the other hand, it is a bit short on subs. I am reaching out for advice from anyone that has been in the same situation or if I am doing something wrong or...
  3. KantoGaming

    600 Subscribers - Gained 130 subs in 4 days!

    I am finally at 600 subscribers! My sub count has gone up like crazy the past couple days. I'm so happy :D

    How did you get your audience?

    Have you just slowly been gaining an audience over time or was there one certain video that allowed you to blow up? Or maybe your friends and family have been giving you support too. I'm just curious as to how some of you have been getting success on YouTube. Personally on this channel it took...
  5. ToxicGaming

    How many subscribers have you got?

    this is purely out of interest. and i would like to know how popular you are!
  6. Sk Jony

    1K Subscriber Goal Reach

    After all my channel was able to reach 1000 subscriber in this month. I started my channel 3 years ago and now I gain 1000. I heard that if any channel get at least 1000 subscriber they got some special features from YouTube like live stream, find funding and more features. Thanks to all and...
  7. Eddy Molina

    100+ Subscribers! Never thought I'd get there!

    Thank you too any one here who has helped me get there! I been getting great feed back on most of my reviews and I love to interact with the people that comment. It definitely took me a really long time to get there but I'm just glad that some people pushed me to get there and I didn't quit...
  8. Cam Kirkham

    Over 3k views only 140 subs! Any advice?

    Hi everyone! Ive just started my channel a week ago and i have over 3k views on only 3 videos but the subscriber count is significantly lower at 140. I am still happy with this however with the amount of views I'm getting, should i be receiving more subscribers? Does anyone have any advice for...
  9. Elmarthor

    I decided to have a milestone!

    My Milestones! Hello friends!, my milestones for this year ( 1 year ), is gonna be 10.000 view & 1000 subs Right now, i have 25 subs, and I'm hopping i can make it to 1000, if i don't i hope i will be close - That was my milestones guys, comment, if i did something wrong...