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Loving YTtalk
Hey everyone! My wife just created her YouTube channel a couple weeks ago and today her first video went live! So now she has her first video up, and I knew that I could look to the community for suggestions and comments.

I would appreciate if everyone could check out her video and let me know what suggestions I could give her on your behalf? Or you can comment on the video, but I would ask you to be positive since it's her first one.

Also, of course you can feel free to subscribe if you're interested in her channel.

Specifically I would want to know suggestions on the following (and more if you feel it necessary)
  • Video Intro
  • Video Length
  • Description Content
  • Format of Video (Time Lapse, Audio/Video mix, etc.)

Thank you to everyone for the love and support!
Your wife is so gorgeous!! And she has a really sweet personality, I really enjoyed watching her video

I know that you asked for some constructive criticism, though, so I'll try to point out a few things I noticed:
1. The intro is a little long, I would maybe cut it in half
2. The overall length is also way too long.. I'd recommend 10 mins or less.
3. I'd also just watch the levels of the music, around 12:35 it gets really loud and is a super short jump.

But anyway overall she did a great job and I really enjoyed watching it!