Introducing Ellie - Ellie's Corner

Ewan Wilson

YTtalk Mad
Howdy all,

So for those of you who don't know me and Ellie run the channel VlogsCast. We like to engage with our subscribers and tell them stories and just talk about things they would like to hear.

Ellie jut uploaded her first video last night tittle "INTRODUCING ME - ELLIE'S CORNER"

We couldn't decide what to do for Ellie's first video so we just said why not introduce yourself? Ellie talks about her hobbies and the surprise that I booked for her and me to go and see.

I would really appreciate if you guys could give us some feedback on Ellie's first video and tell us what we could improve on even if it is editing or something small like a scene change - any feedback helps!

Awesome video man, better lightning would have helped, and some editing would've been nice as well. Awesome accents :D