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Hey guys,

I just started youtubing in the last 8 months. My youtube channel is all about Pokémon; from let's plays to competitive pokemon battles. I have been finding it hard to grow my channel and I was wondering is there anything content wise or promotion wise that I could do better?

Here's a link to my latest video:

I know the artwork on my channel could be better and I'm slowly improving it. I'm working on my banner and profil picture next. But other than that I would love some feedback on what else needs imprvin!! What does everyone think of the linked video? Is the quality good and entertaining? Is there any improvements I could make? And if my content is good how can I promote it better to draw in an audience.

Thanks guys for taking the time out to take a look at my video/channel and giving me some feedback.
I like the video setup, I think the thumbnail is very appropriate but the font kinda blends in. I'm sure you already knew this.

It feels like this is for children on Twitch, but you're cursing so I have no idea what your target demographic is. 12-13 year olds who think it's edgy?

Almost every Pokemon channel tries to appeal to a younger demographic, so they don't curse and they put on a very nice persona. If you want more views/subs I would do this and advertise on like minded forums and chat rooms. That's just a suggestion, you can do whatever you want.

What does your analytics say your current demographic is?
Yea the thumb blending in slightly was always a fear when I revamped the thumbnails for that series.

I suppose I'm trying to hit that early twenties late teens group as that's when I feel back in love with Pokemon and playing competitive Pokemon.. I'm not too sure if all poketubers look at hitting that younger demograph as many are hitting the one I am looking at and have great success. At the moment roughly 50% of my audience are in the 18-24 demograph. and another 30% in the 25-53 demograph.