feedback on my latest video

  1. Brandt Prescott

    Feedback on my latest video?

    Hey, what do you all think of my latest video? Looking for some feedback. It's a short, lighthearted video about Valentine's Day and modern dating.
  2. Eve Hemingway

    [video review] I uploaded my labor story. Was yours as dramatic as mine?

    I have started my parenting channel and I would love your feedback! I am a new youtuber (started this year) and I am excited to grow my channel. I am open to all feedback, negative and positive. Just let me know :D
  3. Diversified Unison


    We are proud to present our new video. Check it out and make sure to share and leave your comment...Let us know your thoughts.
  4. Tac0cann0n

    Looking for feedback on my Channel / Content that I produce!

    Hey Everyone! I was looking for feedback on my videos, since I've just started back up in producing content, and was looking to see how people are receiving it. I mostly making gameplay content, but I usually put a lot of time together editing my content, so it's not just straight gameplay. I'd...
  5. Jack Rackam

    Looking for Feedback - Animated video on the Life of Mao Zedong

    Hello, all! Brand new to this forum, looking for some critique on my newest video. Even parts you liked / parts you didn't is helpful for me, since it tells me what kind of things people want to see more of, what jokes worked well, etc. Specifically I'm wondering if the video was clear...
  6. MajinGamer

    Feedback on my videos and channel please!

    Hello everyone, I have been doing YouTube gaming videos on and off for roughly almost 2 years. I have recently started doing daily videos and would love some feed back on them if you could. Please be brutally honest as it will help me and my channel grow. My channel is...
  7. DisStalker

    Feedback for video?

    Hey I would like to ask for some feedback on this recent video. I would like to know if the audio is good, if the content is good and anything else you think could be added or improved on. Thanks:D
  8. Rallex

    Need Feedback On My Channel! :D

    Hi! I've been stuck with around 500 Subscribers for a solid three to four months with only around 20-50 views on a video and I'd like to hear some feedback on what I should do on the channel for more views and if my Thumbnails are good, what I could do better at and such :) Would love to see...
  9. wasteoftimegames

    These girls were wild ;) ...or not? 50/50 take your chance

    okay, i finally was able to push through all that noise on this forum and got some attention. haha im sorry please dont hate me for this.. i was wondering if you can give me some feedback on my gaming channel..... i basically suck at every game but eh i honestly need feed back.... maybe my...
  10. Busu Gamers

    Fixed Audio ! Need Feedback

    Hey guys ! Hope everyones having a lovely labor day ! Me and my friend took some advise from YTTalk to heart and made some improvements on our video. The big issue was the game sound overpowering our voice. That said, I decided to record the audio of our commentary separately and later on...
  11. Welcome2Internet

    What could I improve on?

    Hey everyone, so I started a new series on my channel, where it is more topical and I discuss my thoughts on certain things using hyperbolic speech and sarcasm. I would like some feedback mainly to see if it is entertaining to watch as that is what I am going for. Things I would like feedback on...
  12. IrishEmerald

    Feedback Badly Wanted!! :)

    Hey guys, I just started youtubing in the last 8 months. My youtube channel is all about Pokémon; from let's plays to competitive pokemon battles. I have been finding it hard to grow my channel and I was wondering is there anything content wise or promotion wise that I could do better? Here's...