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Hey everyone, so I started a new series on my channel, where it is more topical and I discuss my thoughts on certain things using hyperbolic speech and sarcasm. I would like some feedback mainly to see if it is entertaining to watch as that is what I am going for. Things I would like feedback on are:

- Editing (this is a new style of editing for me so I would like to know what you all thought of it and what I could do better)

- Audio (is the audio good or is there some part of the audio that could be improved in order to make it easier to listen too

- Entertaining (is the video in general entertaining to watch and if not what could be improved in order to make it more entertaining)

Personally I thought the editing was pretty good, I could've done some more towards the end of the video, but with school starting up I just didn't have time. Audio wise I thought it was pleasant to listen too, maybe find a way to make my voice a bit crisper, but other than that I am proud of it (been working on improving audio for months....). And of course I thought it was entertaining or else I wouldn't have published it, but I just wanted to know your thoughts. Thank you all for the feedback it is really well appreciated! And good luck on your YouTube endeavors!

Link to Video:
Liked the video a lot, the vocal was fitting and the images/videos were well used. But that is not what you want to hear, so let's go:

- there are too many ideas cramped into one. While the guiding idea is well described the video gets messy after a while.

- by removing the excess load from the vid it will get snappier and faster. Currently it is a bit slow.

- From the slowness I also got a slight impression of the creator wanting to say "I am good, witness my awesome video". While perceived arrogance may be intended here i think a slight change of tone by shortening the videos might have positive effects.

The most important part is that this video would not make me sub, but please keep in mind that I might not be your target audience.

Hope it helps :)